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SSLC exam will be conducted in Karnataka, read How?

Jun 4, 2021

After the cancellation of the 2nd PU exams in Karnataka has been cancelled. The SSLC exams will be conducted. Because last year 9th class students were promoted as the Covid cases were raising. So we can’t pads SSLC students on the basis of the last year performance. So we decided to conduct the exams.

The SSLC exam will be conducted on the following basis. All the important subjects will be conducted in a single paper. With MCQ and all will be easily answerable question. And the other non important subject like language will be conducted in another paper. Science, Maths and Social Science will be conducted in one paper. And other Kannada, English and Hindi in another paper.

While the 2nd PU exams have been cancelled and the SSLC students won’t be promoted. They will have to write and pass the exams. So that they will choose the subject they want in college.

We had contacted many state minister across the nation. They had siad that the exams will be cancelled but they didn’t have any idea what can we do in future and how will we give them marks.

The student writing their exams this year were writing the exams of 1st PU Or 11th on a district level based exams. But it isn’t enough for them. On the results of the past year we will provide marks like A+ , A, B, B+ will be provided to the students. Those who will be not satisfied will have to write the exam when the situation will be right.

After CBSE 10th and 12th board exams were cancelled. The decision of cancelling the 10th state board exams was taken by the state government. The central government had said that it’s not right time to conduct exams as the cases are raising and students are also in fear.

A meeting held in the presence of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 1st had decided that the CBSE board exams should be cancelled. Prime minister Modi said that we can’t take risk. The students are in fear and and we can’t risk the health of students. The decision came after large number of student had requested to cancel the exams.

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