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Pariksha Pe Charcha ; PM Modi as an motivator

Apr 7, 2021
PM Narendra Modi. Image courtesy Twitter Ani

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a virtual conference on Pariksha Pe Charcha. He said many students have considered exams as their deciding point of life and death. But in reality it’s a step closer to your goals. Today PM Narendra Modi was less than a PM but more of a motivator. Prime minister Narendra Modi gave many advice to both parents and students. The main aim in today’s Pariksha Pe Charcha was to” live in the moment” .

It’s the first virtual edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha. We have been living amid Corona for past one year. I had to leave behind the urge to meet you all and come to you via a new format. To not meet you in person, to not experience your enthusiasm is a huge loss for me. – Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Pariksha Pe Charcha.

You knew exams. They haven’t come suddenly. It means you are not scared of exams but of something else. Atmosphere has been created around you that exams are everything. Sometimes school’s, parents, relative’s create atmosphere that you have to undergo a big event, huge crisis. I would like to tell them, especially parents, that what have you done? I think it’s biggest mistake. We become conscious more than necessary more than necessary and start over thinking. I think this it’s not the end. Life is very long, this is just a small halt. We should not create pressure. – Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a Motivator.

PM in interaction with the students. Image courtesy Ani through Twitter.

In today’s world children’s talent is been limited to exam results. In exams there a lot’s of things parents ignore and focus on marks. But they ignore the way they prepare. The way they focus etc. Exams are a way to live a long life. A way to reach your goals a step closer. The problem starts when you consider that exams are life and the death. Exams are a way to achieve your goal. But not the end of steps to your goal.

Free space in your everyday life is important or else the life would be of robots. In these free time we can experiment things that gives us happiness. And this free time it should not be used for the utilisation for cultivating bad habits.

We have one word for exams – test. It is not that exam is the last chance. Rather, the exam is a perfect opportunity to tighten yourself upto live a long life. – Prime Minister Narendra Modi

If parents were more involved,then they would understand the intrest,nature ,tendency of the children and fill the short comings of the children. There were number of things that you found difficult but now you can perform them easily. Write these things down, and revisit them whenever you feel demotivated. Students must cater to the difficult subjects first and then attempt them with fresh minds. After this they can focus on easier subjects

Try to influence children’s mind with scientific reasons with ancient knowledge

As we all know Ramayan, Mahabharat and all other scriptures says that Sadhus and Great People wake up at Bhramha Moharta but people fail to teach this to their children’s. There’s a new policy nowadays running around that is The 5am rule. But parents never bother to discuss these things with their children’s. Hinduism has every thing in scientific way but somewhere people show their arrogance.

When a student raised a question about how to remember for long term. The reply from PM was outstanding. Delete those words from your mind that you don’t remember for long time. Have you ever wandered how can you remember movie scenes, your mother tongue. The fight with your elders, cousins sometimes you can even remember the exact date and the colours of the dress you had wore on that day. Then why not remember the subjects. Cause you are reading but your mind is living in a different world. It doesn’t work like that you study and you live every moment . And you won’t forget even the page numbers.

When you try to live in the very moment and imagine everything you never forget that moment.

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