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Happy Mother’s Day 2023: Jijabai the Rajmata who raised the Greatest King Shivaji Maharaj

May 14, 2023

Jijabai, the wife of Shahjiraje and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s mother, was called Rajmata. Primarily a combination of nationalism and dharma, she raised her son to embody rashtra dharma.

She slowly groomed him in spirituality and governance, a powerful combination that made Shivaji the powerful icon that he was. She proved that she was a true mother, friend, guide and philosopher to Shivaji Bhonsle.

Jijabai was born to Lakhojiraje Jadhav in Vidharbh, Maharashtra in 1500s.. Jijabais resentment towards Mughals started when Lakhojiraje, along with his three sons joined Sultans military army as chieftains.

The Sultans army used to abduct the wives of Kshatriyas and their husbands had to pay a huge sum to get them back. Once Godavari bai, a close relative of Jijabai was abducted by a Mughal chieftain.

But Shahajiraje, Jijas husband chased him, killed him and brought Godavari back home. Jijabai had been married to a valorous general of Sultans army, Shahajiraje Bhosale. Thereafter she made a great attempt to unite the warring sardars to gether in order to win against Mughals.

Nizam once sent Her father to capture her husband when Jija was pregnant. So Shahaji left Jjja under the care of a doctor and left to pune. Jijas father met his pregnant daughter and was transformed into a patriot hearing the words of Jijabai.

Nizam got Jijabais father and brothers killed in stealth and this angered Jija bai greatly. This strengthened her will to build swaraj further.

Upon Adilshahs orders, rajrao his general ravaged pune, the punyabhumi. This left a deep impact on Jijabai.
Jijabai’s had an earnest dream and desire to give birth to a son like Ram or a daughter like Durga to help the country gain freedom. Her prayer was heard and Shivaji was born.

When Jijabai was carrying Shivaji, she had turned warlike, loved to wield sword, sit on a tiger and slay the enemies. She would talk of ramrajya often,

Shivaji was born in 1627 A.D. at Shivneri fort. Jijabai trained him from his infancy by telling him stories of great men in history and mythological stories of ram and sita.

She was more than a mother to Shivaji. Her immense interest in Sanskrit, and bhajans, and religious rituals gave a divine angle to her personality and her adherence to dharma gave her the courage to stand by her convictions.

She used to be in prayer whenever her son or husband were out of station. Jijabai was skilled war tactics, horse riding and wielding the sword. Jija was Shivajis inspiration behind slaying of Afzhal Khan. After killing Jijas eldest son, Afzhal khan had set his eyes on Shivaji.

Shivaji was not in a position to meet Afzhal khan to do anything about this problem. But Jija bai ordered Shivaji to meet Afzhal khan and kill him and show the maratha ferocity to the world.

When shaista khan had imprisoned Shivaji Maharaj, it was Jijabai who ruled the Shivneri ford till Shivaji escaped and returned back home.

Jija bai protected the fort for 8 months when Shivaji was imprisoned by Aurangzeb. She also had recaptured a fort from the enemies, renovated the Sindudurg fort and looked after her subjects efficiently.

Her husband Shahjiraje and Shivaji Maharaj used to take her advice before taking any political decision. Her planning and war tactics and strategies were beyond compare.

Although she had to separate from her husband due to the Mughals, she brought up Shivaji to be a ideal warrior. She taught her grandson Sambhaji urdu and persian in order to know enemy’s strategies.

Even during some of his failures, Jijabai showed complete admiration and encouraged Shivaji to found swaraj which was his dream. He fulfilled her dream and after 12 days of his coronation, she passed away.

Shivaji was the only son of Jija who survived the Mughal warfare but Jija was undeterred and unfazed. When her husband died due to old age, she did not commit sati, but looked after the interests of the state and her subjects. She died in 1674,

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