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Therightmag -Will JEE and NEET be postponed?

Apr 16, 2021

From the past few days several state government jave cancelled S. S. L. C. Exams Or postponed. And 2nd PU exams have also been postponed. As the corona cases are raising high day by day it’s more likely that JEE mains for April session may also be postponed. There are some rumors that NEET for the academic year 2021 might be postponed but still the official website for both JEE and NEET have not confirmed this.

Each and every day corona cases are raising in lakhs. Covid-19 is breaking all of it’s previous records. Many states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, have imposed weekend lockdown. While other states have implemented Corona curfew Or Night Curfew.

C. M. Of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has announced that all the CBSE student’s from class 10th will be passed based on their test marks. Those who don’t agree with the marks can sit down for examination after the conditions get normal. In Rajasthan the government has postponed both S. S. L. C exams as well as class 12th exams till the new date. Maharashtra is likely to be going through a mini lockdown in few days. In Karnataka the Covid-19 is setting new records every day. Karnataka reported nearly 14 thousands plus corona cases in a single day. While it was nearly 2 lakhs corona cases reported yesterday in India. Which is the highest rise in a single day.

Students raise the concern on Twitter too.

In these difficult times students are demanding to postponed the competitive exams till the situation gets under control. Many Doctor’s have said that the second wave of Corona might hit badly during last week of April and starting weeks of May. The Joint Entrance Exam ( JEE) mains April session is to be held from April 27th to 30th. Students having the fear of getting infected with Corona are requesting government to postpone the competitive exams.

The upsurge of COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks has got people in serious delima. And it would be better if government postpones JEE at present. The admit card of JEE mains for April session was to be released on 15th April or on 16th but still it hasn’t. So students are expecting that the exam might be postponed.

Some weeks ago when students had raised their issues on Twitter with the trending hastag #cancelboardexams therightmag.com had supported students and raised their issues through a articles. On which government did response and many state governments either cancelled the exams or they were postponed.

Where as students now participating in JEE and NEET have also raised their concerns and requested the government to either postpone or temporarily delay it. NEET P. G jas been postponed and the other exams decision will be taken soon. Government has requested students to focus on their studies as well as maintain their health. Students are requested to prepare themselves online. Students preparing for NEET can download the app from the official website of neet.nta.in . Just like the past year this year too there may be postponing of JEE and NEET.

Small suggestions for those preparing for JEE and NEET

In the previous year government had postponed NEET nearly three times. When the government in the last decided to conduct NEET in somewhere September nearly thousands didn’t attend as they feared corona infection. And in JEE advance nearly out of 18 lakhs students 10 lakhs students didn’t attend.

Students need to remember that whether it’s NEET or JEE they will have to face it in the end.

Best wishes from our team for those working hard.

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