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Indian Air force and Railways jump to combat COVID-19

Apr 23, 2021
Indian Air Force helps the nation in tough time by transporting oxygen containers. Image by Ani Twitter

Indian Air Force jumps in to combat Corona. Amid the raise in Corona cases through out India Central government have decided to airlift oxygen cylinders. COVID-19 cases breaking all their previous records every day. There has been shortage of beds, ventilator, ingections, and oxygen cylinder. The Central government today have airlifted two oxygen tankers. While most of the heavy tankers are been transported through train. So that there might be no wastage of time. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had earlier met with the army officials and discussed about the arrangements.

Indian Air Force had airlifted three empty trucks from place of requirements to the place of filling. The tankers were airlifted from Air Force Station Hindan to Panagarh. Indian Air Force’s two aircraft C-17 and IL-76 were airlifted with cryogenic oxygen containers. These two aircraft carried three empty containers from Air Force Station Hindan to Panagrah West Bengal.

Several other operation just like these are carried in parts of the country. Indian Air Force tweeted about this information and informed. These airlifts might be the biggest boon to against Corona. While every party is busy in doing Politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working hard to curb this second wave of Corona. India has reported nearly three lakh cases in a day which is the highest till now.

Many hospital government and private both have shortage of beds,ventilator and oxygen. Seeing these crisis central government had permitted the Air Force to airlift. Iit to West Bengal. People are requested to not panic and everything will reach them at right time.

India Railways too Jump in the difficult times to help people.

Indian Railways has started a special train named as Oxygen Train in order to compact the Chinese virus. Both Indian Air Force and Indian Railways have joined hands to serve the people of nation. Oxygen Express reached Varanasi from Luknow just in four hours and twenty minutes. The distance of 270 kilometers was completed in just 4 hour’s. The train #OxygenExpress ran with a speed 62 kilometers per hour. The Railways had created a green corridor for the train to run smoothly and reach as early as possible.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal announced on Twitter that a green corridor has been created . So that the #oxygenexpress. Could cover large distance in small time. All the red signals for this train have been removed and a green corridor have been established.

Ministry of Railways informed that the train would run from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh to Bikaner of Rajasthan. The would carry empty containers and get fillied at Bikaner with liquid oxygen. Soon the Oxygen Express would run to Madhya Pradesh too.

While hole Congress and left are busy in politics the government have shown some serious efforts to tackle Covid-19 . Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had earlier disscussed with army officials to be ready to Combat COVID-19 virus. These effort by our Army have been a boon for us. In transporting Oxygen, vaccine and other essential things.

Therightmag appeals to all their readers to wear mask stay safe. Be in home. Save life’s.

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