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Hyundai Pakistani dealership calls for “Disintegration of Jammu Kashmir from India “, Indian dealership blocks netizens for questioning

Feb 6, 2022

On Saturday (February 5), automobile manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company courted controversy after the firm’s Pakistani dealership called for the disintegration of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir from the Union of India. And when Indian netizens asked Hyundai India to tweet in support of India and questioned whether they endorse the tweet of Hyundai Pakistan, Hyundai India started blocking those Indians on Twitter.

It all started when in a tweet, Hyundai Pakistan Official (@PakistanHyundai) wrote, “Let us remember the sacrifices of our Kashmiri brothers and stand in support as they continue to struggle for freedom.” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of a boat in Dal lake and the word ‘Kashmir’ juxtaposed with a barbed wire.

A similar post was uploaded on the official Facebook handle of Hyundai Pakistan.

It was also posted on the Instagram account of Hyundai Pakistan, which still remains on the portal.

Indian netizens were miffed at the brazen interference in India’s geopolitical affairs and dissemination of Pakistani government propaganda by the South Korean automotive manufacturer. However, on questioning Hyundai India whether it endorsed the stand of Hyundai Pakistan, the firm responded by blocking the Indian netizens.

Twitter user (@kansaratva) wrote, “Hello, Hyundai, this is not going to help. Fire your team in India and that other country.” While tagging the official Hyundai Worldwide Twitter handle, he shared a screenshot of being blocked by the Indian dealership of the company. He was blocked after he had said that Hyundai India should put an ad for Akhand Bharat in response to the Hyundai Pakistan’s post.

Another Twitter user (@cheshiyercat), who was also blocked by the automotive manufacturer, pointed out how Hyundai India had been on a blocking spree after Indian Twitter users slammed the company for the post by Hyundai Pakistan.

One tweet being critical about Hynduai and they block me. Hyundai Global, thank you for showing how your system work. Only feedback allowed by your system time to say #BoycottHyundai”, wrote another user.

Similarly, several other users have reported they were blocked by Hyundai India for questioning Hyundai’s Pakistan’s post on Kashmir solidarity day.

Meanwhile, demands to boycott Hyundai India have been gaining momentum on social media. Several users are reaching out to the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), seeking stringent action against the South Korean automotive manufacturer.

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