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Vaccination for International and National athletes started in Karnataka

Jun 10, 2021
Former Shuttler Anup Sridhar

Huge vaccination drive for all the national and international level athlete’s starts in Karnataka. In Bangalore today the vaccination drive for all the national and international level athletes was started in Shree Kanteerava Stadium. The vaccination drive was kick started by Anup Sridhar the former shuttler . The vaccination drive has commenced not only in Bangalore but in all the district to vaccinate the athletes.

Vaccination drive for national /int’l sportspersons commences at Sree Kanteerava stadium, Bengaluru in association with state govt & Karnataka Olympic Association.

I’m very thankful to KOA & state govt. Vaccination is only cure for COVID: Former shuttler Anup Sridhar

20 days back I wrote letter to chief secy & ACS sports regarding vaccination for all sportspersons, technical staff & coaches. They acted & approved the list. It started in Bengaluru today & nearly 3500 sportspersons will take vaccine today onwards: KOA Pres, K Govindraj.

Corona is declining in the state. However, it is necessary to take precautions and get vaccinated. It is the athlete’s priority to maintain physical fitness at all times. His health care is also the responsibility of the government. A campaign has been launched to vaccinate athletes. More than 10 thousand athletes across the state are targeted for vaccination and youth empowerment. Each athlete must come and register by name and receive the vaccine. He said vaccination is being done not only in Bengaluru but also in district centers and all athletes should avail of the campaign.

Dr. Anoop Sridhar, a leading badminton player at the Kanthirawa Stadium in Bangalore, has launched a vaccine campaign against the vaccine. Narayana Gowda will be vaccinating today and tomorrow at Kanthira Stadium in Bangalore. Do not finish the campaign for the second day. The campaign is underway through the Youth Empowerment and Sports Department at all district centers. Each athlete must come and register by name and receive the vaccine.

The campaign was organized in collaboration with the Youth Empowerment and Sports Department, the massive Bangalore Metropolitan Policy, Health and Family Welfare Department, the Karnataka Sports Authority and the Karnataka Olympic Institute. In Bangalore, 2200 athletes have already registered their names. Those who have already registered their name today and tomorrow will be vaccinated. Now the name registrants are vaccinated to continue the campaign. Even in district .

MP P.C. Mohan, State Olympic Association President Govindaraj, Youth Empowerment and Sports Department Additional Chief Secretary Shalini Rajneesh, Department Commissioner Gopalakrishna, and others were present at the event
Notable athletes who received the first dose of vaccine: badminton player Anoop Sridhar, P.N. Prakash- Shooter, Nikhil- Shooter, Nishita- rowing, Shreya b. – rowing, bhumika r. Hundreds of athletes vaccinated including Kesarakar-Schimmer, Priya Mohan-Athlete, National champions Aishwarya, Yashwant

This is a first-line vaccination campaign, and a second-line vaccine will be administered in a similar fashion after the specified time. Dr. Kapoor, Secretary, Youth Empowerment and Sports Department Shalini Rajneesh, in consultation with the Minister, prepared the outline of the vaccination campaign for athletes. All athletes appreciated the work of the department and congratulated them for taking care of the athletes.

All athletes were informed that the campaign would be terminated after they were vaccinated

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