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Manchester United fans protest outside the Old Trafford

May 14, 2021

After the fixture was cancelled on May 2 due to mass protests. Substantial barricades and barriers had been put in place around the entire Old Trafford area.

However, an anonymous fans’ group encouraged United supporters to congregate outside the stadium ahead of the Premier League clash.

Hundreds were seen protesting against the Glazer family again setting off flares and pyrotechnics.

Liverpool’s team was believed to have been blocked from arriving at Old Trafford by protestors in cars and the tyres were said to have been let down.

The Manchester Evening News, meanwhile, reported that the blocked coach was a decoy vehicle which was not carrying the Liverpool players.

The bus was on the move at 6pm, when supporters began their anti-Glazer demonstration outside Old Trafford.

Liverpool reportedly used a decoy bus to travel to Old Trafford while Manchester United fans protested outside the ground.

Pictures on Sky Sports later showed the Liverpool players arriving safely at Old Trafford ready for the 8.15pm kick-off.

It is believed the Red Devils’ game against Leicester on Tuesday was something of a dress rehearsal. As intel has always been that the fixture against Liverpool would be the focal point of more supporter protests.

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Greater Manchester Police said in a statement: “We are aware of a protest currently taking place outside Old Trafford football stadium, with a small number of people seemingly intent on disrupting the fixture.

“Officers are in attendance to maintain safety while facilitating the right to peaceful protest. Two arrests have been made relating to public order offences.”

Chris Sykes, assistant chief constable for GMP, said: “We have being working closely with Manchester United and partners to ensure those in attendance outside the stadium are kept safe while exercising their right to a peaceful protest.

The safety of all those concerned remains GMP’s main priority.

“We encourage everyone to remember we are still living under restrictions due to the pandemic and have a collective responsibility to remain safe and protect one another.

“Enforcement remains our last resort, but anyone whose behaviour crosses the boundary into a criminal offence should expect to be prosecuted.”

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