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The Hindu calls Tejasvi Surya a “Virus “

May 15, 2021

The Hindu published an opinion-editorial on Friday where it called BJP MP Tejasvi Surya a virus. The article, authored by one Vaishna Roy, was littered with the usual bile that has come to dominate the pages of the mainstream media.

Vaishna Roy begins her article with the words, “As the number of cases pile up and deaths mount, one imagines that things couldn’t get worse. But one is wrong. Because, of course, one has forgotten the existence of Tejasvi Surya, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s MP from Bengaluru South.” It only gets worse then on.

She had told all these cause he had read out the names of workers whom they thought were in BBMP scam. She didn’t stop at this she went further and told that he called out all those names cause they were Muslim. Now they want to bring Hindu Muslim in each and everything. And she is an columnist we remind you.

She goes as far as Lunatic cause he is a proud Hindu. Now this question arise even such woke humans are so down. That they fall for the politics of Hindu Muslim. Then The Hindu silently changes the title from ” A Virus” To A Battle on Another Front.

Appears unchanged even after hours

For six years now, a section of the educated middle-class has looked the other way when hearing of increasingly aggressive moves from Hindutva’s adherents. Cattle-traders assaulted, someone lynched for a train seat, a boy thrashed for drinking water from a temple tap — everything has been brushed under the carpet, explained away as “cow-belt” excess, the violence of “lumpen elements,” the “lunatic fringe” getting carried away. Which is why we cannot take our eyes off Tejasvi Surya.

She continues further

This is no fringe lunatic, no roadside rowdy led astray. Surya is as mainstream as it gets — educated, well-off, articulate, a darling of the IIT-IIM-corporate-technocrat crowd. And this is not a small town in Uttar Pradesh. It is Bengaluru, the country’s IT hub, the epitome of modern, aspirational India. If such a man in such a city feels empowered enough to storm into a government health centre. Brandish a list, read out the names of Muslim staffers, and make unsubstantiated charges against them, you can no longer deny that religious fundamentalism has become mainstream

On a separate occasion, Roy had quote tweeted a tweet by Tejasvi Surya and said. “Now we young Indians can proclaim our cultural identity by loudly shouting Jai Shri Ram and lynching Muslims. Egged on by proud young Indians like this man and by our proud new TV channels.”

Image from Opindia

From her tweets and her opinion we have our opinion that she wants to divide India. She always tries to bring a agenda of Hindu Muslim in every topic. We regret if you are hurt but that’s our opinion.

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