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Does Students life matters? Governments silent over the whole issue

Apr 11, 2021

Students Trend the hastag #cancelboardexams Battle with corona is going on and the frontline warriors are giving tough fight. And the second wave of corona is so dangerous that the cases are massively increasing.

In states like Maharashtra , Delhi and Karnataka the situation is not under control . These states are under the situation of lockdown and many state governments have done weekend lockdown.

The vaccination camps are held in every state and people are participating in huge number. PM Modi have announced vaccination festival from 11 to 14 April . And vaccination will be done massively in these days.


But here we have to understand that we are not totally safe by vaccination. The increasing number of covid cases is the proof. Children are also heavily affected by covid and majorly in Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka , Chattishgadh and UP .

As we all know that governments are planning to held offline board exams for students. Ignoring the danger of covid and students are constantly protesting against offline exams.

The CBSE is all set to conduct the exams of SSC and HSC students from 4 May 2021. But the students are against of taking offline exams and protesting for their rights.

Why Only Offline exams?

Students are constantly protesting on social media for cancellation of upcoming board exams. Students are asking for their right to be safe . Many campaigns are being run on Twitter as #cancleboardexams2021 .

Questions have been asked to higher authorities regarding exams. But authorities are not capable to give the answers. Here the students are under the mental pressure and authorities are not taking any decision.

The questions of the students are acceptable and logical as well

When the classes are taken online then why exams are offline?

Why the life of students are not so important?

Many state government have postponed their board exams and delayed the other exams also. Due to increased cases od covid 19. No state have decided to conduct online exams or to cancle the exams.

The students from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai have came together to rise their voice. On the other hand the state education Ministry have announced to cancel the exams. For 1-8 and they will be passed for thr next grade.

Lakhs and crores of students don’t wnat to give exams and their parents are also concerned about their health.

Board exams are held offline in the prevailing circumstances, it could ‘lead to yet another wave of coronavirus.’ Why the Centre and state governments did not take up vaccination of teachers and students earlier as a way of making physical board examinations safer.

Challenges on conducting other modes of Examination

Online exams is one of the alternative. The challenge is that many students from rural areas and underprivileged backgrounds do not have access to gadgets and internet connectivity. 

The other options are assessing students through assignments and oral examinations.

Board Students can be evaluated for those subjects based on pre-board and internal assessment. The teachers of schools can be given the task of evaluating students on the basis of past performance and internal assessment.

Government must be looking for other alternatives for taking exams .

Class 12 Higher Secondary Certificate board examination can access their hall tickets online starting from April 3, 2021. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and MSBSHSE on Thursday said hall tickets or admit cards of HSC board exam will be available at www.mahahsscboard.in from April 3 onwards

Announcement by the Officials

Responding to the growing demands for the cancellation of Board Exams 2021, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has confirmed that that the CBSE class 10, 12 board exams 2021 will be conducted as per the schedule, and it will start from May 4, 2021.

on April 8, issued a joint statement and assured that all necessary precautions will be taken for the safety of students during the exam.

A CBSE Official said, “With Covid guidelines in place, the exam centres across the country have been increased by 40-50 per cent to ensure social distancing among students during the exam. 

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