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May 3, 2021
Image after the win of BJP government in Puducherry. Image source @BJP4India

The Union territory of Pudducherry are having the election results today. This election was taken place in one phase. On 6 April 2021. Puducherry is currently under President’s Rule after the dramatic collapse of the V Narayanasamy-led Congress government.

There are total 30 seats and there were main 4 parties to compete. Congress contested 14 in Assembly seats, with DMK getting 13 and smaller allies the rest.

The BJP given majority to a local party in this case. The AINRC of Former Chief Minister N Rangaswamy. The AINRC is contesting 16 seats. The BJP is contesting nine, the AIADMK getting five seats.

In the 2016 Assembly polls, the AINRC won eight seats, AIADMK got four and the DMK walked away with two MLAs. The BJP could not win any seats. Congress had won 15 seats. So Congress formed government.

NDA wins 12 seats and it seems to be NDA government to be formed in Pudducherry. The result are on 3 May 2021 as counting is still on so final results will be on Monday. Whereas ruling party Congress is going to lose one more state.

Even after a massive campaign by the Congress president Rahul Gandhi and theri star candidate of pudducherry they are incapable to form government.

But for BJP it is win win situation. In 2016 election BJP can’t gain any seats but in 2021 BJP have secured 6 seats.

As the results for 14 out of 30 assembly seats were declared, the AINRC bagged eight, BJP three, DMK one and Congress two, the Election Commission said.

Former CM and AINRC N. Rangasamy lost the 2021 Puducherry Assembly Elections from Yanam to independent candidate Gollapalli Srinivas Ashok by 655 votes.

AINRC emerged as the single-largest party, winning on 10 seats.

People choose NOTA

In this election many people have switched to NOTA. According to data available on the Election Commission website, 1.30 percent or 9,006 of the total people who voted used the option in union territory of Puducherry.

The results are on for Puducherry

The BJP led NDA defeated the Congress to come to power in the Puducherry Assembly Elections. The NDA alliance, which comprises All India NR Congress, BJP and AIADMK, won 16 seats out of 30 to form the government in the southern state.

Secular Democratic Alliance (SDA) on the other hand – comprising of Congress, DMK, VCK and CPI won only 14 seats. The party required 16 seats to be elected to power.

The Big loss is for congress they even can’t manage 5 seats out of 14 contested. 6 Seats going to the BJP and 10 going to AINRC. Meanwhile, the Congress defeat as it managed to win just 2 seats out of the 14 it contested.

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