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No KSRTC bus name for Karnataka, Kerala wins the battle of names

Jun 3, 2021

The name KSRTC will be used by the Kerala transportation and not by Karnataka transportation after they lost the battle of names

KSRTC logo. Image source Republic Bharat

The Kerala Road Transport Corporation has obtained legal rights to its trademarks, the acronym KSRTC, the logo of two elephants, and the word ‘Ana Vandi’, connected with the state-run transport corporation after a long judicial battle over intellectual property rights. Kerala’s claim was granted on Wednesday, June 3, by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trade Marks, which is part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Kerala RTC shall be the sole custodian of the trademarks as a result of the registration. KSRTC with the mark to show the registration (R) will be displayed on all buses of the corporation.

KSRTC name case

Karnataka Dy CM & Transport Min LS Savadi said on Thursday, June 3, that “no difference b/w Karnataka-Kerala Transport. As per reports, the trademark registry has now ruled that Karnataka shouldn’t use KSRTC as Kerala used the word before. Once we get an official verdict, we’ll decide on a legal fight.”

For the past seven years both Kerala State Transport Corporation and the Karnataka State Transport Corporation have been battling over the term “KSRTC.” KSRTC is still used by both RTCs’ buses and websites. The judgment is likely to clear up passenger misunderstanding over which KSRTC is the real deal. The battle over ‘KSRTC’ began in 2014 when Karnataka RTC applied for trademark registration. Kerala was jolted awake by legal notice from the Karnataka RTC, which compelled it to expedite the process of obtaining control of the trademark properties.

Kerala wins ‘KSRTC’ acronym 

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is one of the country’s oldest and best-run public transportation systems. On April 1, 1965, the Travancore State Transport Department (TSTD) was renamed Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. Karnataka RTC has a similar history, except it began as the Mysore Government Road Transport Department before becoming the Karnataka Transport Corporation in 1973. KSRTC will also send letters to persons who use the trademark name ‘Ana Vandi, according to KSRTC CMD Biju . The name is used by a number of well-known blogs. KSRTC can seek money for utilizing its trademark now that the name is in their possession, said Biju Prabhakar. ( this article is from external source)

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