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Manifesto of congress for Tamil Nadu says we will abolish NEET exam

Mar 16, 2021
Tamil Nadu Congress President K. S. Azhazir
Image source Ani

On Tuesday (i.e, 16 Mar) congress released their manifesto in Tamil Nadu for the upcoming election in Tamil Nadu. The manifesto claimed that it would provide training to 500 youths in every district so that they can easily be selected for government jobs.

“We will implement schemes for providing employment to the youth. We will also provide for tax exemption for startups and Eneterpuners for at least 5 years”- Tamil Nadu Congress President K. S. Azhaziri

Image source Ani

After our government comes to power we will take steps to close the liquor shops. To protect intercaste marriages and prevent honour killings, a separate law will be passed. We will take all the steps to abolish MEET exam in Tamil Nadu – Congress Manifesto

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