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May 4, 2021
JP Nadda in West Bengal. Image source Ani twitter

In West Bengal Trinmol Congress is here to start their term. But first they want to play with the blood of HINDUS and public who supported BJP.

Mamta have lost Nandigram against Suvendhu which is seems to be the important seat. Can we say that because of loosing Nandigram Mamta have played with Blood of innocent HINDUS?

Within 24 hours there were 28 murders of HINDUS. 9of BJP workers are killed by TMC GOONS. And other than that womens are Raped, shops are looted, public are brutally beaten.

Mamta Banerjee started showing true colours

TMC have won the election with 213 seats and BJP have won 77 seats. Mamta Banerjee have threaten to the people of Bengal. If anyone will vote to BJP they will see them. That was an open THREATENING by Mamta. Yet no LIBERALS and socalled Intellectuals said that THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN BENGAL but Some of them have JUSTIFIED the VIOLENCE.

In Bengal in Gopal Nagar area many shops and residences have vandalized. One of them Shefali Das said in an interview to ANI ” On 2 May TMC GOONS have attacked my home as my husband was BJP’S polling agent. They even Threaten us to sell this property and leave this place”

HINDUS are not safe in Bengal and the Rohingya and Muslims are freely killing people. No police protection is provided to HINDUS or to BJP workers. BJP female workers are being brutally Raped and Touched by TMC GOONS. Noone is taking stands for them.

Instead of stopping all the violence Mamta Banerjee have shamelessly asking TMC GOONS to take Revange Indirectly. And she wants to be CM of Bengal this is hilarious.

Visit of BJP President JP Nadda

On 4 May BJP party President JP NADDA arrives in Kolkata on two day visit. He will also meet to violence affected workers of the party.

JP NADDA said in interview to media in Bengal after arrival ” The incident which we shaw after the result of West Bengal polls shocks us and make us worried. This type of incidents and intolerance were seen at the type of partition.”

BJP is committed to fight against the ideological battle but democratically. Says BJP president.

JP NADDA and state party chief of Bengal Dilip Ghosh have visited the house of BJP worker whichi was allegedly vandalized by TMC GOONS.

PM Modi have called the Governor of Bengal Jagdeep Dhankar on Tuesday about the law and order situation in Bengal. BJP have blamed TMC for all the violence and the reality is also the same.

Why BJP is so slow in Taking action against the GOONS? even after this much majority why BJP have not placed President rule in Bengal?

We have seen in past also RIOTS IN DELHI, SAHEEN BAUGH are the examples. This is not the time to show the public that how GOONS Misuse their powers. Even public is now aware about it. This is the time to take Action and not to Protest. Public is with BJP and so BJP have to take strict Action immediately and have to give JUSTICE to HINDUS and BJP workers.

The news of violence strike the mind of public. And seeing all this public demamded for president rule in Bengal.

Anger of public on Mamta Banerjee

The anger of public was seen on Twitter. Wher the hastags were trend by the people #ShameMamtaBanerjee #BengalViolence etc. People also trend for #PresidentRuleInBengal.

Many HINDUS are killed for voting and supporting BJP. This is the defination of Mamta on DEMOCRACY?

Public have questioned Mamta

Why HINDUS life doesn’t matter?

Why Mamta want Bengal to be Next Bangladesh?

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