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Mamta Banerjee calls district VP of BJP to vote for TMC

Mar 27, 2021
CM Mamta Banerjee

After a call recording of CM Mamta Banerjee requesting BJP leader to vote for TMC has gone viral. Social media erupts with questions such as is TMC losing Bengal? The call recording is as this “CM Mamta Banerjee made a call to BJP district VP Praloy Pal this morning and asked him to vote for TMC. The BJP leader refused to vote for her.”

After Praloy Pal refused to vote for her the call recording has gone viral on Social media’s. Several questions erupt from the call of CM Mamta to BJP VP to vote for TMC. Is Didi afraid that TMC will loose Bengal, Is her efforts all gone in vain, Does Didi fear from Modi wave?

As the phone recording has gone viral BJP is targeting Didi. On the other hand several TMC leaders have claimed that EVMs have been hacked. And they are following the same strategy of Congress when they feel that they will loose.

BJP leaders are targeting Didi and lowering her confidence. TMC karyakertas might also loose their confidence and this might affect the whole election campaign of Didi in West Bengal. After the phone recording BJP karyakertas confidence seems to be boosted and this will surely lead to win of BJP.

Modi wave has got serious impact on people of West Bengal and may dethrone Didi from her CM chair .

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