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Lockdown extended in Karnataka till June 14th

Jun 3, 2021
Chief Minister B S Yediyurppa

Lockdown imposed in the state for more seven days says B S Yediyurppa

On Thursday Chief Minister B S Yediyurppa said that the lockdown in the state is been extended for next 7 days more. Till now lockdown was planned for 7th of June. But now after extension of more seven days it will be in action till 14th June.

Chief Minister B S Yediurppa said to Ani COVID-19 situation is worse, that’s why we have extended the lockdown by one week. I am hoping that everything will be fine after one week: Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa.

B S Yediyurppa said it after an meeting in Vidhansabha today. He said that people should corporate with us. We have decided to extend the lockdown for one more week. We hope people will corporate. The decision was taken after the meet with the official including the doctor from different district.

The Chief Minister said that we will soon start to unlock after the week only if the case will lower to a particular levels we have targeted.

Along with the announcement if lockdown a package of 500 crores was also released. Chief Minister told that the package of 500 crore will be released which will provide some help to the families of poor people.

Image source Public TV

The package said that the people working in power room will be given 3 thousands per head, 3 thousands for the Fisher men per head. With more than 59 thousands of asha workers will be provided with 3 thousands of rupee per head.

59 thousands of Anganvadi workers will be provided with 3 thousands of rupee per head. For Along with MSE and all other shop owners we have decided to let their electricity bill be paid by the government.

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