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Kejriwal doesn’t care about live of other people. And life of Delhites?

Apr 26, 2021

Just before five days Delhi Chief Minister’s wife was tested corona positive. And Delhi Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal had tweeted that he will be in self isolation for next few days. And he had said that all their meetings will be done through video conferencing. But just after five days he is seen roaming with other personals.

Today as the centre government had said the ITBP personals to build a 500 beds hospital for Corona. After it was built yesterday ITBP officials have taken cognize of the facility. Today the ITBP hospital was open for the common public facility. At 10 am today the first patient arrived the hospital through ambulance. Arvind kejriwal to get the credit of the hospital arrived at ITBP hospital and discussed the facility with the faculty. When Arvind Kejriwal should have been in isolation today he was seen roaming with other officials. He is not only risking his life but also the life of other officials with him.

When everyone is isolating themselves with even mild symptoms Arvind kejriwal is roaming without any PPE kits. He not only risks his life but he is risking the life of officials who guide him. Kejriwal inspite of being in isolation he today was roaming freely in the ITBP hospital.

Press conference of CM

Just as he finished his rounds around the hospital built by ITBP he conducted a press conference. Arvind kejriwal in his press conference announced that there . The government will provide free vaccines to the people above 18 years. He also told that “I request the centre to keep the rate of the vaccines one over all the nation’ . But he then started his dirty politics. He said that one vaccine company had given the vaccine to the centre for 150 rupees . But they said that it will cost somewhere 600 rupee for the dose. On this Kejriwal said that there will be more time to earn your profits and requested them to lower the price of vaccine.

Arvind kejriwal in ITBP hospital. Grouped to know about the staff and facility of hospital and risking others life. Image source Twitter Ani

Kejriwal says that low the price of vaccine. But he has money to spend crores for his Advertisement

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal said that the vaccine company should lower the price of vaccine. But he has hundred crores rupees for his advertising. But he has no money to provide free vaccine for the public. Worth rupees 600 per dose. Arvind kejriwal has proved that he is ready to risk the life of Delhi people.

Earlier when Delhi was going through crisis of Oxygen. He was advertising on Television and busy on social media handles . Running his propaganda of requesting central government to provide oxygen cylinder. And oxygen containers. While the center had provided fund from PM -Cares to the Delhi government to set up 8 oxygen plants. But he had set up only one oxygen plant. When centre and other states government are conducting meeting with business persons.

And hospital staffs and inter related stated for the help. On these high crisis time Chief Minister of Delhi was busy in Advertising. Which proved that he never cared for the people of Delhi. He always wanted the credits and win his election. When Chief minister of other state had serious concerns about their people and he never cared for Delhites. Delhi has been through oxygen crisis and now the CM is busy in politics on vaccine . We hope that Delhi won’t go through vaccine crisis.

We team Therightmag request you to wear mask save life. And never fall for things that are provided for free.

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