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Apr 29, 2021

For more than 48 hours a forest fire has been in the hills of south Mizoram. No media coverage, no social media campaigns, and not a so called social message from voke intellectuals. Everyone is silent about the massive fire in Mizoram.

Mizoram’s Lunglei district is witnessing an Australia-type bushfire raging for two days which the Indian Air Force helicopters with Bambi Buckets are making efforts to put out.

Massive forest fire have been reported in Mizoram. Satellite images have revealed that there was a vast distraction of land due to fire. Fire was broke out from Saturday and affected still Monday.

How did the fire broke out

The fire sparked around 7 a.m. on Saturday perhaps while some villagers were trying to clear the hills near Lunglei town. The fire went on to spread to Lunglei town and villages in the adjoining district of Lawngtlai late on Sunday night.

Bushfire spread to ten village council areas in and around Lunglei town. It then spread to three rural development blocks of the Lawngtlai district by Sunday night.

Kulothungan, DC, Lunglei district,”We have controlled much of the fire by Saturday evening itself. However, it erupted again on Sunday morning and is still raging. High winds and dry vegetation have caused the spread of the fire and it is now a huge challenge to put it out”.

The cause of the fire

The cause of fire is unknown but is believed to be due to dry season with no rain yet.

The Assam Rifles had deployed personnel and firefighting equipment to Lunglei district in Mizoram. While the Indian Air Force had pressed in two Mi-17V5 helicopters, equipped with Bambi Buckets. To douse the flames after several parts of the district. And the adjoining areas were engulfed by forest fires, which had also spread to populated areas.

Joseph Lalhmingthanga, Assistant General Secretary of Central Young Lai Association, a local non-governmental organisation told The Hindu.“There is wide-spread fire in Southern part of Mizoram. In Lawngtlai district, 14 houses have been burnt down in S. Bungtlang village.”

According to a press statement from Mizoram DIPR, the fire in localities such as Zotlang, Serkawn, Chanmari in Lunglei town reached “some buildings. But could be contained and doused before it caused any major loss to property.”

Police said that the forest fire has also broken out in surrounding areas in Mizorams southernmost Lawngtlai district, bordering Myanmar. And At least 12 houses were gutted at Bungtlang South village in the district by the fire.

The Response

Prime Minister Modi talk to Chief Minister of Mizoram Zoramthanga and have assured that they will get every possible help to deal with the situation. PM Modi have also tweeted and said that. “Spoke to Mizoram CM and took stock of situation arising due to forest fire in parts of state. Assuring all the possible support from Center in overcoming the crisis. “

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh expressed worry over the wildfire and assured that the situation will be brought under control soon.

Later on CM Zoramthanga also tweeted and thanked Indian Air Force, PM Modi, Amit Shah and Prakesh Javdekar.

No intellectuals will speak on this but if there will be any foriegn outrage they will shout like hell. So as much as possible make distance from them because they are like vultures. They are publicity seekers.

Past incident like these

This is not the first time where North East states have reported forest fires. Back in the time Mizoram forest officials had previously informed that around 1,300 forest fires were reported in the state last year.

And such incidents are reported many times. And according to experts this is because of Environmental changes. Humans for their benefits will harm the environment and due to this everyone have to suffer.

According to their inputs, around 1,090 incidents occurred because of Jhum which is also known as slash-and-burn cultivation, while natural causes led to 210 such incidents.

Assam, Mizoram, and Tripura forests have been identified as “extremely prone” to such blaze.

The Forest Survey of India Dehradun has reported that forests of the Northeast and central India regions are the most vulnerable when it comes to forest fires. And they have substantial forest cover but because in recent years, monsoon has been delayed causing the vegetation to dry up.

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