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Delhi to go through a 6 day lockdown. Kejriwal fails once again.

Apr 19, 2021

Delhi April 19,2021

Arvind kejriwal have announced Lockdown in Delhi . And said that government have decided to impose lockdown on Monday from 10 pm till 5 am next Monday.

The decision comes a day after Delhi have recorded highest cases of covid 19 with 25,462 fresh cases. 

I appeal to Delhiites to follow lockdown which is necessary to reduce COVID cases; we will improve health system during this time, said Kejriwal. CM have also said that there is a massive storage of medicines, bed,oxygen in hospitals and also have drugs like RemdesivirRemdesivir.

Who will be exempted from the Lockdown ?

Emergency services, health care facilities, medical facilities will be opened. Family health care and welfare shall be allowed.

Courts and all the related officials shall be allowed to travel with their respective identity proofs.

The private services such has doctors, nursing staff, paramedical and other hospital services . Diagnostic centres, testing laboratories, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies . Medical oxygen suppliers and other medical and health services. Will be exempted.

Covid testing centers and vaccination centers will be open and can travel.

Employees of electronic and print media will be allowed to travel on production of identity card.

There will be no restrictions on traveling inter state or intra state . And no need of any electronic proof of seperate pass will be required. Person can do such movements.

Marriage would be restricted to 50 people and last rites related gatherings upto 20 person would be allowed no more than that .

Stadiums shall be permitted to open for organising national and international sport events without viewers in stadium.

Railways, Airports and buses will be exempted and passengers shall move from one place to other.

Things to remain close

All private offices, shops, shopping centres, malls, weekly markets, manufacturing units, education and coaching institutes will be closed.

Other than that Cinema and theatres, restaurant and bars, auditoriums, amusement parks, public parks and gardens.

Sports complexes, gyms, spas, barbershops, salons, beauty parlours, swimming pools,construction work shall remain closed during the lockdown.

All social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious and festival-related gatherings and congregations shall be prohibited.

Kejriwal fails once again

Amid the raising of Covid cases in India. Delhi have reported highest number of cases yesterday. From past five years Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has not even spent a peeny for the development of new hospital. He has wasted 300 crore rupees advertisement and somewhere nearly 90+ crores for building an haj house. But he didn’t notice on the development of hospitals and medical college. While on the other hand a YouTuber. Who is known for as the sidekick of AAP blames Prime Minister Narendra Modi for spending money on Ram Mandir construction while nor the center or the state government donated a single rupee.

CM Kejriwal plays victim card once again after he was seen laughing and spending time. When an video conferencing of state CM and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was held. Now Kejriwal has requested the central government to provide more beds and oxygen. While the Central government hoping good for the people has allotted all his demands.

Kejriwal said that “any infrastructure would collapse when 25000 cases are coming per day” But if he had realised it earlier today Delhi wouldn’t be in the worst conditions.

People gather in a large number outside the Liquor shops in Delhi

People gather outside of a liquor store Image source Ani

Just as the news came out big quees have started to gather outside the liquor store in Delhi. Several Photos and videos of the Delhi have gone viral on social media.

On the other Rajasthan government have also imposed restrictions on movement till 3rd of May .

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