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Rajasthan CONGRESS says all this pandemic is due to Verdict towards Ram Mandir-Kota

May 3, 2021
Vehicle of Nagar nigam Kota

Rajasthan Congress In this time of Covid where cases are increasing and people are dying. Some people are there to do propaganda and spread hate.

In Rajasthan, Kota this is seen that in this hard days the socalled Peaceful people are still running their propaganda.

In Kota, the month of Ramadan, the Congress government’s anti-Supreme Court verdict and anti-Hindu orgy …!

For the purpose of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus in the month of Ramadan and opposing the Supreme Court’s decision (Prabhu Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya) in Ward 29 of Vigyan Nagar, South Municipal Corporation area of Kota, to be used for cleanliness Listen to the sirens played in place of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the speakers of government vehicles.

Saying in the siren that “because of the demolition of the Babri Masjid, it is wreaking havoc in India. Finally, try to understand why there are sudden deaths in India, since the court has given a verdict on the Babri Masjid, then the people of India are at peace.” Is not from. “

After listening to the siren and seeing the truck of Kota Nagr Nigam. The people stopped the truck and asked the driver to first stop that siren. After that people questioned to the driver of truck whose name was Deepak ” why this siren is going on insted of Corona Awareness siren.” Deepak answered that ” i have not played this siren. This is given to me by my supervisor Rohit. I am doing my job. Even i have questioned about this to my supervisor. “

People showed the concern and stopped the Nagar Nigam Vehicle

Driver Deepak of Nagar Nigam Kota

People ask Deepak to call the supervisor and ask him to come here. And after that Deepak call his supervisor.

The question here is

Did Supreme court had given the wrong judgment? And if not than why this propoganda?

Is this right to use Truck of Nagar Nigam to spread propaganda? Why The Hindus are always in their aim?

Is the Ministers of Congress party are involved in it? And if yes than who are they and what is the narrative behind this?

The Kota Nagar Nigam should do proper investigation. The Gehlot Government is answerable in this. What is going on in the Congress ruled state.

This is Congress who is fully exposed. In their state their are running their propaganda. And they will say that people are getting intolerable and toxic. HYPOCRISY at its peak.

If in BJP ruled state if this type of tape is going on and in that if they says abot Kashivishvanath or Mathur. All the socalled intellectuals and contractors of secularism will say No Democracy in India, Why people are so sensitive etc.

The Main Stream Media is also responsible. Because the channels like NDTV and online websites like The print and the wire are full of leftist. They will not show a single reality but they will spread fake news. Why biased people are in lime lite every time and not showing the reality.

The reality is they are not interested in public welfare or wellness of public. But their main Motto is to do propaganda. They will immediately be silent and will be mum where there is the government of their favor.

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