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Complete lockdown in Mandya but alcohol allowed

May 22, 2021
Bars are allowed for parcels even during complete lockdown in Mandya..

Bengaluru Karnataka ; Lockdown has been implemented in Karnataka and it has been extended till 7th of June. In Mandya the District collector has announced that there will be imposition of Complete lockdown in Mandya. This will be implemented on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday. On other days Grocery and Vegetables vendors along with fruit sellers will be allowed. But on these four days Tuesday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday there would be complete lockdown.

The decision was taken after the raise in Corona cases has not ended. But it’s raising to peak day by day. So District collector Dr. Aswathi had informed that there will be complete lockdown on the above mentioned 4 days. But this got wrong when they allowed for Alcohol shops to be open even on these days and other.

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When all the essential items like Grocery, Vegetables , fruits and meat shops were ordered to shut during complete lockdown. Hotels , Bars and Restaurant are allowed for parcels. People in the district were saying it’s a comedy lockdown and the District collector should at the earliest bring changes in it.

Lockdown in the state has been pushed further for more 10days that is till 7th of June . It was announced yesterday that the lockdown has been pushed forward. Nearly 8 district in Karnataka are in complete lockdown which includes Mandya too. But somewhere on the grounds these implantation of the strict rules seems to be missing.

With everyday rise in covid cases in Karnataka these type of faults in managing the implementation seems to be dangerous. The complete lockdown is imposed in Mandya district to curb the widespread of covid.

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