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Can BJP survive in Karnataka if Yeddyurappa is removed from CM chair!!

Jul 23, 2021

From past few days in Karnataka there’s high drama among political parties. When there was a internal news that Central Cabinet is thinking of taking CM post from B S Yeddyurappa . While the news circulated on Social media and Media House’s people started giving their review’s.

While the opposition was happy that they would get a chance to establish their government. The local bodies of BJP are showing their aggression against the center. But the Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa had said all his supporters to abide by the Centre’s decision.

While CM Yeddyurappa has constantly meet all the Lingayath Saints from Karnataka, who are the sole backbone behind BJP’s tremendous victory in Karnataka. He had cleared that he will abide by the Center and asked his followers to do same. In yesterday press conference he said that he hasn’t nominated any leader.

Will BJP stay in Power if they remove BS Yeddyurappa as CM?


We are not saying this on some hypothetical basis but we have connected to the grounds. We have travelled major portion of the state where BJP has its strong base. And guess what people are saying , If Yeddyurappa is removed from the CM’s chair BJP may loose the state. And if re elections are conducted then according to our ground reports there’s no chance of BJP forming the government.

Why would BJP be unable to form the Government?

There’s a clear view on this. The majority of BJP core voters are Lingayath’s and they don’t vote for BJP they vote for Yeddyurappa, he is the brand or face of BJP in Karnataka. While the oppositions JDS and Congress are also saying that If Yeddyurappa is removed from CM chair the whole BJP party would collapse. Former PM Devagowda has also said that if BJP removes Yeddyurappa as the CM’S face then I would like to form a government with him.

What’s the Solution?

There’s only one solution Either there should be no change in the current position of the BJP in Karnataka. Or if they remove Yeddyurappa from CM’S chair they can give it to his son Jitendra. This is the only way out and people have also supported this suggestion of ours!!!

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