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Breaking news Lockdown extended in Tamil Nadu till 14th June

Jun 4, 2021
Photo during the lockdown in Tamil Nadu .Image source Zee Business

According to the source the lockdown in Tamil Nadu has been extended till June 14th. But the source also said that the lockdown will be a little less strict. The source siad that there might be little relaxation in this decision of Lockdown. Earlier the Chief Minister had siad that we can’t keep on imposing lockdown people should corporate with us. The decision of relaxing the lockdown norms comes after the daily decrease in the Corona cases in the state. Even the medical associates had suggested to extend the lockdown for one more week.

In a video message released earlier; the Chief Minister had said that lockdown cannot be extended indiscriminately. “We cannot keep extending the lockdown and there has to be a full stop to this soon. It is only in people’s hands. There can be a full stop to the spread of COVID-19 only if restrictions are followed completely,” Stalin said. 

The state government has said that it has not taken any decision yet on Class 12 board examinations. The reason, few teachers and parents in the state have different views on the conduct of the exams. While a majority of the teachers want the exams to be conducted, a section of parents has opposed such a school of thought, ToI reported.  

At least 7,000 Higher Secondary schools in the state have already compiled a detailed report based on the viewpoint of parents and teachers as directed by the Education department. The report has already been submitted to the state government on Thursday, July 3. 

Tamil Nadu has seen a significant decrease in the COVID-19 cases, according to the daily report. The total number of cases stands at 21.7 lakh, with recovered cases, registered 18.7 lakh and death toll recorded 25,665. 

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