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May 5, 2021

The cases of covid is rising day by day. And many people are coming forward for help. The Social workers are doing their job and helping others. But there is a section of people who is looting others doing scams and playing with the life of others.

These type of people are CANCER for country. In such difficult situation also they are not thinking about others but want to do corruption. Middle class and poor people are the victims of such scams. Here government is doing their best to provide everything to everyone.


In Bangalore the SOUTH MP Tejasvi Surya on Tuesday have done press conference. In that press conference he made allegation on hospital that the hospitals are blocking the beds. By using the false name hospitals are blocking the beds.

The beds are booked in the names of people who are under Home Isolation. And later on the bed are sold to the patient who need by taking bribe. At least 4065 beds were booked under the fake names by the hospital.

According to reports Surya with his MLA’s went to the hospital personally. They visited BBMP and have seen that beds were blocked in false name. Surya added that they have seen that the beds are booked in the name of asymptomatic home isolation patients. BJP MP Surya claimed that these beds were later sold by outside agents in nexus with BBMP officials to whoever pays highest.

Surya said that any covid positive case is there all the details are directly given to BBMP. Whether it is asymptomatic or symptomatic. The asymptomatics are kept under home isolation then why the beds are booked in their names. And the irony is in the name of one person the beds were booked in 12 hospitals.

Surya also accused the hospitals that they sell the bed to the needy in very high prices. And they are taking advantage of compulsions of public. Surya told to the reporters that “When families after families are getting wiped out for lack of proper treatment, these incidents are not just corruption. This is murder.”

Surya also asked the hospitals to reduce the time of claiming the booked beds. The hospitals have made 12 hours for claiming the booked bed. But actually it is more than enough and specially in such time of pandemic. If the person doesn’t claim the bed there are others who are waiting. It is Indirect killing.


Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa taken action and said that he will strict action against the hospitals and the management . And he will not leave anyone who will be involved in this crime.

The State government have handed the case to State police. Government have ordered police investigation and asks police for transparent investigation. According to that the case have been registered in police station.

On Tuesday Police Commissioner Kamal Pant have tweeted. Matter has been handed over to Central Crime Branch. And progress is seen in the case. Two people have been arrested and others have being questioned by the officers.

By seeing the rising cases in Karnataka. State government have ordered the private hospitals and nursing houses to reserve 80% beds for covid patients.

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