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6 crore rupees for handling the account of Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar

May 13, 2021
Deputy Chief minister Ajit Pawar

Maharashtra; The cash starved Maharashtra has announced that they will pay Rupees 6 Crore . For the management of Social Media handles of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. Who also holds the designation of Finance and Planing Portfolios. The DGIPR has already 1200 staff’s committed for the social media management. With a budget of 150 crore.

The general administration department of the state has promulgated a order signed by the under – secretary R N Musale. On the modalities for the appointment of an external agency to handle the social media accounts for 6 crore. As well as they should ensure that the decision taken by the Deputy CM should reach the common people.

The external agency will have to handle the account of the Deputy CM on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and YouTube. Other account that will be handled by the external agency will be WhatsApp Bulletin, Telegram Channel , Instagram , sound cloud and sms for 6 crore.

This external agency will be appointed with the consultation with Deputy Chief Ministers Secretariat and Directorate General of Information and Public Relations.

The order mentioned that the DGIPR ( Directorate General of Information and Public relations) lacks the professional and technical competence to deal with social media. So it was felt that a external agency should be appointed for this purpose.

In the order it was said that the external agency will be responsible for management of the all social media accounts. It further added ” It will be the responsibility of the external agency to reach the key decisions to the people. And the people could be able to communicate with the DCM on the Twitter , Facebook. Blogger and YouTube, Sound Cloud Instagram and Telegram channel. ” Musale added in his statement.

The agency will be selected from that which has already it’s mention in panel.

It must be insured that the selection of the external agency takes place from one among those who are already on DGIPR’s panel. This was mentioned by the GAD in his orders. It will be the responsibility of the DGIPR responsibility to keep the message on social media flawless.

If the agency requires more money the DGIPR is ready to supply which is already working for the CMO. It must be ensured that there will be no duplicate message generated from the CMO and DCM’s office.

In July the CMO has already appointed a external agency in July 2020 to fir handling the social media accounts. Due process of the e-tendering the agency was followed while appointing the external agency. A senior bureaucrat questioned the appointment of the external agency. He told was this all to make over the image of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar.

Already the DGIPR has fully fledged and committed team with 1200 staffs. With the budget of Rupees 150 crore. The bureaucrat questioned we already have so much but why is there a need to send 6 crore for the image makeup of Ajit Pawar.

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