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Russia Ukraine War ; Here are some Memes that went viral on Social media’s after the announcement of War

Feb 25, 2022

The tensions between Ukraine and Russia surged on Thursday after explosions were heard in several Ukrainian cities after an attack by the Russian military. According to the Ukrainian government, the attack killed over 40 soldiers in the country.

This came just a day after the United Kingdom and the European Union imposed certain sanctions on Russia, blacklisting several banks and politicians. Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin also issued a warning to the West, asking them not to intervene in the conflict.

As per Reuters reports, Russian separatist groups had captured two towns in Ukraine after the attack, paving way for a possible invasion of the country. Amid, the global stock market took a major hit, which is likely to impact the economy of several nations.

As the conflict intensifies, many are speculating that this might be the beginning of the third World War. As with all issues, netizens across the globe took to Twitter to spark a memefest about the current unrest and likelihood of World War 3.

Social media users started posting hilarious and witty memes on Twitter using the hashtag #WWIII and #WW3. Here are some of the funniest memes posted on Twitter by social media users.

In recent news, The Ukrainian police have said that Russia has carried out over 200 attacks on the country on February 24. As per news agency Reuters, conflicts are erupting almost everywhere in Ukraine’s territory, with constant clashes between the military of the two countries.

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