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Happy Pohela Boishakh Subho Navovarsho WhatsApp messages, images, gifs, quotes, status & Captions for Insta

Apr 15, 2022

Pohela Boishakh is the first day of the year in the Bengali calendar which is also the official calendar of Bangladesh. It is celebrated on April 14 in Bangladesh and on 14 or 15 April in Indian states. Pohela Boishakh is also known as Bengali New Year or Noboborsho. Pohela Boishakh 2022 marks Bengali New Year 1429 in the traditional calendar. To celebrate this important day, here’s a collection of Pohela Boishakh 2022 images, Noboborsho greetings, Happy Bengali New Year 1429 wishes, Noboborsho messages, Pohela Boishakh 2022 greetings, Happy Pohela Boishakh HD wallpapers, SMS, WhatsApp status and Facebook quotes to share with loved ones.

The people in Bengal wish each other on this day by saying Shubho Noboborsho which means Happy New Year. It is celebrated with fairs and processions, and people spend this day with their family and relatives. As you celebrate Pohela Boishakh 2022, we at LatestLY, have curated messages that you can download and send to all your loved ones to wish them with WhatsApp stickers, GIF Images, and HD wallpapers and SMS. 

WhatsApp Message Reads: May this Bengali New Year Bring Lots of Happiness and Success in Your Life. Subho Noboborsho! Happy Pohela BoishakhPohela Boishakh (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: On the Merry Occasion of Pohela Boishakh, I Wish You Good Luck and Prosperity.Noboborsho Wishes (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Wishing For Abundant Joy, Peace and Good Health this Poila Baisakh! Subho NoboborshoPohela Boishakh (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Subho Noboborsho to All Bengali Friends Out There! Stay Happy, Stay Safe. Happy Pohela BoishakhHappy Bengali New Year (File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Usher a Sign of Freshness in Pohela Boishakh. Explore the New And Start Afresh Wiping Off the Woes.

The word Pohela Boishakh has been derived from the Bengali words “pohela” which means “first” and “Boishakh” meaning the first month of the Bengali calendar. In Bengal, the new year is also known as Noboborsho, nobo meaning new and borsho meaning year. Therefore, the wishes of the day as given by saying Shubho Noboborsho, “shubho” meaning “happy.”

Bengali businessmen, shopkeepers and traders celebrate Haal Khata on this day. Hall Khata is a celebration of completing all the reckonings of last year and opening anew ledger. As you celebrate Haal Khata on Pohela Boishakh, here are messages and images that you can download and send to all your friends and relatives to wish them Pohela Boishakh through WhatsApp stickers, and GIF Images, HD wallpapers and SMS. Wishing everyone Happy Pohela Boishakh 2022!

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