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Ever watched Two Snakes Dancing? Well we got you covered, watch it now from forests of Tamil Nadu

Nov 27, 2021

Every now and then we keep witnessing videos of wild animals doing amazing things. Even deadly snakes are not far behind in surprising us with their antics.

In a video that has been shared on Twitter by Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu, two yellow-ish snakes can be seen dancing in the rain. The video is said to be shot in Tamil Nadu’s Tenkasi.

Vembu wrote in his tweet, “Amazing snake dance that happened today during heavy rains here in Tenkasi. Thanks to @AksUnik who caught this on her phone while going for a walk.”

Earlier in the week, another snake video went viral which had a black cobra drinking water from a glass. In the video, a person was holding the utensil while cobra drank water out of it.

In July, another video had surfaced that showed how a pet cat stood guard for nearly 30 minutes to safeguard a family from king cobra.

India is believed to be the home of more than 350 types of species of snakes, and a majority of it is non-poisonous.

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