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Breaking News Allu Arjun Tests negative for Covid-19

May 12, 2021

On Wednesday South Indian Film Actor Allu Arjun had confirmed that he is now got a negative COVID-19 report. On 28th May the South Indian actor was tested positive. And had home isolated himself.

Hello everyone! I have tested positive for Covid. I have isolated myself. Allu Arjun requests those who have come in contact with me to get tested. I request all my well wishers and fans not to worry as I am doing fine . Stay home, stay safe . The actor Allu Arjun had tweeted on 28th of April. Informing that he was tested positive for corona and requested all those who were in contact with him to get checked up.

On the 3rd of May Allu Arjun tweets that he is doing well with mild symptoms. He requested all his fans to stay home and say life’s. He thanked everyone for praying for his speedy recovery.

Hello everyone ! I am doing well with very mild symptoms . Recovering well and nothing to worry . I am still in quarantine. Thank you so much for all the love you have been showing and the prayers you have been sending my way gratitude. Tweets the South Indian Actor Allu Arjun. He further added that it was difficult to stay away from the kids. He met his family after 15 days of quarantine.

Upcoming film of Allu Arjun – Pushpa

Graphics created by one of the fan of Allu Arjun. The graphic is related to the film #Pushpa

The upcoming film of the South Indian actor Allu Arjun is Pushpa. The director has informed that the film will be released in two parts. As the film being a lengthy one it will released in two parts just like KGF. KGF of Yash was also a massive hit with most of its fans excited for its part 2.

The expected budget of Pushpa is 250 crore rupees. As confirmed by one of his producers. But the shooting of the first part is completed and the second part has been 10 percent completed. If all the plan goes as expected the first will be released in October 2021. But it was to be released in August in theaters.

Ravi Shankar the one among the producer’s revealed that the film will release in two parts. ” Pushpa story has lot of span and it’s difficult to narrate it in 2 and half hours. So the director producer’s and the actor have discussed and came on a decision to release it in two parts.

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