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BB telugu 6 update: Inaya Sultana eliminated from Bigg Boss 6 telugu -Therightmag

Dec 11, 2022

The eviction of this weekend’s ‘Bigg Boss 6 Telugu’ shocks everyone who follows the reality show. Yes, a popular contestant was evicted this weekend. Inaya Sultana is the contestant.

The actress entered the house with high expectations and performed admirably. Inaya Sultana’s popularity grew with each passing week. Many experts predicted that she would be the favourite to win the title. But she was evicted just a week before the big finale.

Inaya Sultana did not receive enough votes to advance to the final.

After the news of Inaya Sultana’s elimination from the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house broke out, the internet is bombarded with tweets and posts condemning her elimination; calling it unfair. With just a week to the season 6 finale, while most of the followers of the show are hoping to see Inaya in the finalists’ group, her elimination leak news has turned the scenario upside down.

Inaya Sultana had minor roles in films. She rose to prominence after appearing in one of Ram Gopal Varma’s films. She has over a million Instagram followers.

Inaya Sultana appeared in a small role in ‘Bujji Ila Raa’ movie that had a direct OTT release. But, she hit the headlines after her dance video with Ram Gopal Varma on her birthday went viral on the internet. Inaya is a novice, blunt, and needs so much grooming to evolve. With her straightforwardness, she managed to win the appreciation of the followers of the game show.

Inaya Sultana posts sultry photos of herself on social media. She also performed a glam show in the ‘Bigg Boss 6 Telugu’ house. But she was unable to stay until the end.

It was predicted that Inaya would leave the house in the very first week of the elimination procedure, earlier. Surprisingly, she improved her graph and became a favourite. She was competent and stubborn. She speaks her mind and has never shied away from accusations made during nominations.

The title will be contested by Adi Reddy, Keerthi, Revanth, Rohit, Srihan, and Sri Satya. Who will triumph this season?

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