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Sheetla Sapthami ; Significance and how to celebrate

Apr 3, 2021
Representation of Sheetala Mata. Image source Rajasthan patrika

Sheetla Sapthami Or Basoda day is celebrated every year on Phalgun Krishna Paksha’s seventh day. Sheetala Mata who is incarnation or more clearly is an Avatar (incarnation). Or manifestation of feminine power, popularly known as “Shakti”.

How to celebrate Sheetla Sapthami, Puja Vidhi and Vrath

As known to all in Hinduism there are two types of calendars one ‘Purnimant ‘ calendar and the other ‘Amavasyanth’. Both are same but the names differ. When we go according to Purnimant calendar we worship Sheetala Mata on Sapthami Or Asthami ( seventh Or Eight day) of Chaitra Krishna Paksha ( Waning Phase of the moon) . However those who follow Amavasyanth’ calendar celebrate this festival also known as Basoda on the same Sapthami tithi Or Asthami tithi of Phalgun Krishna Paksha. Moreover the months name may differ but the beauty is that festival date coincides in both the calendars.

Many devotees observe vrath on the Sapthami Or Asthami tithi. Those devotees observing vrath on Sapthami must clean their kitchen on Sasthi tithi evening. Devotees create Panch Bhoog consisting of Curd, Rice, Halwa, Puri and Kheer Or Rabdi. The panch bhoog are offered to Sheetala Mata on Sapthami and consumed on the next day . A day before the Sapthami panch bhoogs are created. And devotees don’t burn the fire in their kitchen the next day ( I. e, on Sapthami). Those who celebrate on Asthami follow the same procedure on Sapthami.

On the day of Sapthami

Devotees don’t lit fire in their Kitchen on Sapthami to cook food. Women’s on the next day rise early probably before the sun rise take a bath. Dress up themselves with clean and fresh clothes. Nearly all the members of the family avoid consumption of freshly cooked food on the Puja Day. After the bath women’s carry all the panch Bhoog in a Thali to nearby Sheetla Mata temple.

Sheetala Mata ( image source from Twitter)

Along the Panch Bhoog in Thali devotees carry water in a Kalsah. Haldi, Kumkum, Akshat, Flowers, Sindoor, Mehandi, Kajal, Red Chunri, Kalava, Banana, coconut etc. Light a lamp made with wheat dough. Use mustard oil or ghee to light the lamp. Seek the blessings of Goddesses Sheetala Mata.

While offering Haldi, Kumkum they must be ordered in this pattern, first goes. Haldi, Kumkum, Akshat, Kalava, Chunri, Kajal, Mahendi, Flowers, Banana, coconut and then Panch Bhoog. Also offer some water from the Kalsah then sprinkle the same water on you and your family members. The whole day people don’t lit fire in their kitchen and celebrate the festival. Some of the farmers create a small representation of the farm on the ground in the temple. And then draw from a stick they plough the land then offer Haal Daal ( a mixture of raw Daal and Rice) . And request Sheetala Mata to guard their farms from Heat Borne disasters.

Significance of Sheetla Sapthami

Festivals like Sheetla Sapthami and Navaratri are right slaps to those liberals. Who unnecessarily condemn Hinduism stating that it doesn’t respect women’s. But they being unknown from the truth that Hinduism treats Women as Goddess which is the highest priority given to anyone.

Sheetla Mata the manifestation of feminine power Shakti. Is worshipped to protect everyone from the Heat borne diseases. Sheetala Sapthami or Basoda is celebrated throughout the India. Which also is the indication of the begging of Summer or the heat wave.

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