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KCET BIOLOGY KEY ANSWERS 2021 100% ACCURATE, Know your score early 💡

Aug 29, 2021

All the questions are answered below. Every question carried 1 mark and no negative marking. All the best goo ahead.

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  1. Identify the incorrect statement.

a. Speciation is generally a function of time

b. Tropical environment is less seasonal,
relatively more constant and predictable

c. Solar energy contributes to high

d. Temperate regions have remained relatively
undisturbed for millions of years.

a) 1, 2, 3, 4 b) 2, 3
c) Only 4 d) 3, 4
Ans. c

2. The correct equation depicting species area
relationship is
a) log logC logA S Z
b) log log logA C S Z
c) log log log A C Z S
d) log log log Z C S A
Ans. a

3. Match Column I with Column II

1. Narrowly Utilitarian argument p Conserving
biodiversity for
major ecosystem
2 Broadly
2. Broadly Utilitarian argumentq Every species has
an intrinsic value
and moral duty to
pass our biological
legacy in good
order to future
3. Ethical argumentr. Receiving benefits like food, medicine & Industrial

) 1 p;2 q;3 r b) 1 q;2 r;3 p
c) 1 r;2 p;3 q d) 1 r;2 q;3 p

Ans. c

4. Identify the correct statement/s about ex situ
conservation. Advance ex situ conservation
I. Cryopreservation of gametes
II. Plant tissue culture method
III. Seed bank
IV. In vitro fertilisation
a) Only II b) I & II
c) I, II, III, IV d) None of these

5.The concept of “Contagium vivum fluidum”
was given by
a) D.J. Ivanowsky b) W.M. Stanley
c) M.W. Beijerinek d) R.H. Whittaker

6. Identify the odd one out.
a) Ustilago b) Alternaria
c) Colletotrichum d) Trichoderma
Ans. a

7. The plant body having holdfast, stipe and
frond is a characterstic of
a) Laminaria b) Volvax
c) Gelidium d) Porphyra
Ans. a

8. Identify the correct statement/s regarding
class aves.

a. Forelimbs are modified into wings and
hindlimbs are modified for walking and

b. Heart completely four chambered.

c. They are homeotherms

d. They are oviparous and development is
a) Both 1 and 3 b) Both 1 and 4
c) 1, 2 and 3 d) All are correct
Ans. d.

9. Epigynous flower is one in which
a) Ovary is superior and other floral parts are
b) Ovary is inferior and other floral parts are
c) All the floral parts are at the same level
d) None of the above
Ans. b

10.The following type of cell junction is not found
in animal tissues
a) Adhering junction b) Tight junction
c) Gap junction d) Loose junction
Ans. d

11. A bacterial flagellum is composed of
a) Filament, hook and basal body
b) Vesicles, tubules and lamellae
c) Pili, Fimbriae and filament
d) Hook, tubules and Fimbriae
Ans. a

12. Match the compounds of Column I with their
functions in Column II.

Column-I Column-II
1) Trypsin p) Fights infectious agent
2) GLUT-4 q) Is an intercellular ground subs
3) Collagen r) Works as an enzyme
4) Antibody s) Enables glucose transport into cells

a) 1-s, 2-r, 3-q, 4-p b) 1-r, 2-s, 3-p, 4-q
c) 1-s, 2-r, 3-p, 4-q d) 1-r, 2-s, 3-q, 4-p
Ans. d

13. The correct sequence of events in prophase I is
a) Synapsis Crossing over Chiasmata
b) Crossing over Synapsis Chiasmata
c) Chiasmata Synapsis Crossing over
d) Chiasmata Crossing over Synapsis
Ans. a

14. The enzyme that is not found is C3 plants is
a) ATP synthase b) RUBP carboxylase
c) NADP reductase d) PEP carboxylase

Ans d.

15. Match the location of the cell given in Column
I with its function in Column II.
Column-I Column-II
1) Mitochondrial matrix p) Kreb’s cycle
2) Cytoplasm q) ETC
3) F0 and F1 r) Glycolysis
4) Inner mitonchondrial
s) ATP synthesis
a) 1-p, 2-r, 3-s, 4-q b) 1-q, 2-s, 3-q, 4-r

c) 1-r, 2-q, 3-p, 4-s d) 1-s, 2-p, 3-r, 4-q

Ans. a

16. Identify the incorrect statement/s.

a. Kinetin is a derivative of Adenine which is a

b. The technique of decapitation is widely used
in tea plantations.

c. Ethylene is gaseous plant hormone.

d. Use of GA3 hastens the malting process in
brewing industry.

ABA is a growth promoter.
a) 1, 2, 3, 4 b) Only 3
c) 2, 3, 4 d) 1 and 5
Ans. d

17. Calculate the cardiac output on an individual
having 70 heart beats/min with a stroke
volume of 55 ml.
a) 3750 ml b) 125 ml
c) 3850 ml d) None of the above
Ans. c

18. In a standard ECG, one of the following
functions of its components is not correctly
a) P is the contraction of only left atria
b) QRS complex represents ventricular
c) T is the end of systole.
d) P is the contraction of both atria.
Ans. a

19. Match the hormones of Column I with its
function in Column II
Column-I Column-II

1.Catecholamines p) Diurnal rhythm

2.MSH q) Immune response

3.Thymosins r) Pigmentation

4.Melatonin s) Stress hormone
a) 1-s, 2-r, 3-q, 4-p b) 1-r, 2-q, 3-s, 4-p
c) 1-q, 2-s, 3-r, 4-p d) 1-p, 2-q, 3-r, 4-s

Ans. a

20.How many microsporangia are located at the
corners of a typical bilobed anther of
angiosperm ?
a) 2 b) 4 c) 8 d) 1
Ans. b

21.Assertion : In Bryophytes & Pteridophytes the
number of male gametes produced is several
thousand times the number of female gametes
Reason : Large number of male gametes fail
to reach the female gametes during transport.
a) Assertion is correct but reason in incorrect
b) Both Assertion and reason are correct
c) Both Assertion and reason are incorrect
d) Assertion is incorrect but reason is correct
Ans. b

22.In the given diagram identify the parts labelled
as a, b, c and d.
a) a-Coleoptile, b-Scutellum, c-Pericarp,
b) a-Coleoptile, b-Scutellum, c-Coleorhiza,
c) a-Pericarp, b-Coleorhiza, c-Scutellum,
d) a-Coleorhiza, b-Coleoptile, c-Scutellum,
Ans. a

23. Consider the following statements & choose
the correct answer from the given options.
Statement 1 : Innermost layer of
microsporangium is tapetum.
Statement 2 : Cells of tapetum pos ses dense
cytoplasm more than one nucleus and
nourishes developing pollen grains.
a) Both Statements 1 & 2 are incorrect
b) Both Statements 1 & 2 are correct
c) Statement 1 is correct & 2 is incorrect
d) Statement 1 is incorrect & 2 is correct

Ans. b

24. Identify the correct statements.
a) Only one megaspore present towards
chalazal end remains functional.
b) 3 megaspore present towards chalazal end
degenerate gradually.
c) Each megaspore mother cell, directly
develops into a megaspore.
d) Each female gametophyte is 7-celled & 7-
nucleated structure.
Ans. a

25. Which of the following aquatic plant does not
show pollination by water.
a) Vallisneria b) Hydrilla
c) Water hyacinth d) Zostera
Ans. c

26. Which cell of the female gametophyte is
involved in the formation of primary
endosperm nucleus (PEN) after fertilization ?
a) Antipodals b) Synergids
c) Egg cell d) Central cell
Ans. d

26 In the given diagram of human sperm, identify
the functions of the labelled parts. a, b and c.
a) a-Helps in penetration of sperm into ovum,
b-Helps in movement of sperm, c-Provides
energy for the movement of sperms into the
female reproductive tract.

b) a-Helps in penetration of sperm into ovum,
b-Provides energy for the movement of sperm,
c-Helps in movement of sperm.

c) a-Helps in movement of sperm, b-Helps in
penetration of sperm into ovum, c-Provides
energy for the movement of sperms

d) a-Provides energy for the movement of
sperm, b-Helps in movement of sperm, c-Helps
in penetration of sperm into ovum

Ans. b

27. Select the correct path of flow of milk during
breast feeding.
a) Mammary tubules – Mammary duct –
Mammary ampulla – Lactiferous duct – Alveoli
b) Mammary tubules – Mammary duct –
Lactiferous duct – Mammary ampulla –
Lactiferous duct
c) Alveoli – Mammary tubules – Mammary
ampulla – Mammary duct – Lactiferous duct
d) Alveoli – Mammary tubules – Mammary duct
– Mammary ampulla – Lactiferous duct
Ans. d

28. Under the influence of oxytocin which layer of
the uterus exhibits strong contractions during
parturition ?
a) Endometrium b) Myometrium
c) Perimetrium d) Botha A and C
Ans. b

29. Select the incorrect statement about
a) They are regular requirements for the
maintenance of reproductive health.
b) They have a significant role in checking
uncontrolled growth of population.
c) They are practised against a natural
reproductive events like conception of
d) The possible ill-effects like nausea,
abdominal pain, irregular menstrual bleeding
or even breast cancer should not be totally
Ans. a

30. The method of directly injecting a sperm into
ovum is called
Ans. c

31. Match the Column I with Column II and find
the correct answer
Column-I Column-II

p) Increase in whol set chromosomes

q) Loss or gain of a chromosome

Polyploidy r) Two sets of chromosome

Diploidy s) A single set of
a) 1-p, 2-q, 3-r, 4-s b) 1-r, 2-p, 3-q, 4-s
c) 1-q, 2-s, 3-p, 4-r d) 1-s, 2-r, 3-p, 4-q.

Ans. c

  1. The genotype of a husband and wife are IAIB &
    IAIO. Among the blood types of their children,
    how many different genotypes & phenotypes
    are possible ?
    a) 3 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes
    b) 4 genotypes ; 3 phenotypes
    c) 4 phenotypes ; 3 genotypes
    d) 4 phenotypes ; 4 genotypes
    Ans. b
  2. What is the possible blood group of children
    whose parents are heterozygous for A and B
    blood groups?
    a) A, B only b) A, B, AB & O
    c) AB only d) A, B & AB only
    Ans. b
  3. Match the Column- I with Column – II
    Column – I Column – II
    i Autosomal
    p Turner’sSyndrome
    ii Allosomal
    q Mendelian disorder
    iii Allosomal
    r Klinefelter’s Syndrome
    iv Cystic fibrosis s Down’s Syndrome
    a) i-p, ii-q, iii-r, iv-s b) i-p, ii-q, iii-s, iv-r
    c) i-s, ii-r, iii-q, iv-p d ) i-s, ii-r, iii-p, iv-q
    Ans. d
  4. Which among the following characters selected
    by Mendel in a pea plant is a recessive
    a) Inflated (full) pod b) Green pod colour
    c) White flower d) Axillary flower
    Ans. c
  5. Match the scientists of Column – I with their
    contributions in Column – II
    Column – I Column – II
    i Griffith p Lac operon
    ii Jacob & Monad q DNA is the genetic material
    iii Meselson &
    r Transforming principle
    iv Hershey and
    s DNA replicates semi conservatively
    a) i-p, ii-q, iii-r, iv-s b) i-p, ii-s, iii-q, iv-r
    c) i-r, ii-p, iii-s, iv-q d) i-r, ii-q, iii-p, iv-s

38. In which region of the t-RNA molecule is the
amino – acid binding site located?
a) 5′ end b) anticodon loop
c) 3′ end d) None of the above
Ans. c

39. E.coli fully labelled with 15N is allowed to grow
in 14N medium. The two strands of DNA
molecule of the first generation bacteria have
a) Same density resemble with their parent
b) Same density but do not resemble with their
parent DNA
c) Different density but do not resemble with
their parent DNA
d) Different density but resemble with their
parent DNA
Ans. c

40. Experiments involving use of radioactive
thymidine to detect distribution of newly
synthesized DNA in the chromosome was
performed on which plant?
a) Vicia faba b) Pisum Satirum
c) Cocus nucifera d) Antirrhinum
Ans. a

41. If the sequence of nucleotides in a temperate
stand of DNA is 3’ ATGCTTCCGAAT 5’ write the
sequence in the corresponding region of the
transcribed m-RNA
a) 5’ – TAC GAA GGC CTT – 3’
b) 5’ – UAC GAA GGC UUA – 3’
c) 3’ – UAC GAA GGC UUA – 5’
d) 3’ – TAC GAA GGC CTT – 5’
Ans. b

42 Pneumonia is caused by
a) Streptococcus pneumonia
b) Haemophilus influenza
c) Both A and B
d) None
Ans. c

43. The development of quick immune response in
a person infected with deadly microbes by
administering preformed antibodies is
a) Active immunity
b) Cell-mediated immunity
c) Innate immunity
d) Passive immunisation ans. d

44. Which is the most feared property of matumors?

a) Neoplasty

b) Metastasis

c) Rapid invasive growth

d) Loss of contact inhibition

Ans. b

45. Identify the techniques useful in detecting the

cancers of internal organs

a) CT b) MRI

c) Radiography d) All of the above

Ans. d

46. Which among the following plants is a source

of drug which is native to America?

a) Papaver somniferum b) Erythroxylum coca

c) Cannabis sativa d) Atropa bellodona

Ans. b

47. The technology of biogas production was

developed in India due to the efforts of


c) CDRI d) Both A and B

Ans. d

48. Which among the following products of

microbes is not obtained from fungi?

a) Penicillin b) Statins

c) Swiss cheese d) Cyclosporin-A

Ans. c

49. Match the following

Column-I Column-II

i. Cyclosporin-A a. Clot busters

ii. Streptokinase b. Antibiotic

iii. Statins c. Immuno suppressive agent

iv. Penicillin d. Blood cholesterol

owering agent

a) i-c, ii-a, iii-d, iv-b b) i-c, ii-d, iii-a, iv-b

c) i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d d) i-a, ii-b, iii-d, iv-c

Ans. a

50. Taq polymerase that find its application in PCR

is obtained from

a) Thermus aquaticus

b) Agrobacterium tumifaciens

c) Bacillus thuringiensis

d) Salmonella typhimuriu

Ans. a

  1. Rop-gene which codes of the proteins involved
    in the replication of the plasmid pBR322 in
    E.coli is located at restriction site of
    a) Hind III b) EcoRI
    c) Pvu II d) BamH I
    Ans. c
  2. Rapid antigen test and RT.PCR are the two
    diagnosis test for Covid 19 virus PCR a
    molecular diagnostic tool, stands for
    a) Polymerase chain reaction
    b) Polymerase chain reagent
    c) Physiological chain reaction
    d) Physiological chain reagent
    Ans. a
  3. Which of the following diagnostic tools allows
    detection of very low concentration bacterium
    or viruses by amplifying their nucleic acid?
    a) ELISA b) PCR
    c) Autoradiography d) r-DNA technology
    Ans. b
  4. Silencing of a gene could be achieved through
    the use of
    a) Short interfering RNA (RNAi)
    b) Antisense RNA
    c) By both A & B
    d) None of the above
    Ans. c
  5. 1 antitrypsin is
    a) an antacid
    b) an enzyme
    c) used to treat emphysema
    d) used to treat arthritis
    Ans. c
  6. Identify the correct statement/s from the
    following. a.Cuscuta is a chlorphyllous endoparasite the human liverfluke needs only one host to complete its life cycle. The life cycle of endoparasite is more c. completed due to their extreme specialisation. During the course of evolution the host. bird’s eggs have evolved to resemble the eggs of the parasitic bird. a) 1, 2, 3 b) 2, 4 c) Only 3 d) 1, 3 & 4

Ans . b

57. Relate Column I with Column II with regard to
predatory behaviour
Column-I Column-II

Calotropis p. Invertebrates

Pisaster q. Distasteful

Monarch butterfly r. Cryptically coloured

Frogs s. Cardioglycoside
a) 1-s, 2-p, 3-r, 4-q b) 1-s, 2-p, 3-q, 4-r
c) 1-q, 2-s, 3-p, 4-r d) 1-r, 2-p, 3-q, 4-s
Ans. b

58. Small mammals and birds are rarely found in
polar regions. The reason is that
a) They have a larger surface area relative to
their volume
b) They tend to again heat very fast
c) They expend less energy to generate body
d) None of the above
Ans. a

59. Identify the incorrect statement
a) CAM plants close their stomata during
b) Seals have a thick layer of fat to reduce body
c) Lizards bask in the sun during winter
d) Tribes living in high altitude have the same
RBC count as people living in the plaits
Ans. d

60. Population size keeps changing depending on
different factor/s such as
a) Food availability b) Predation pressure
c) Adverse weather d) All of the above

Ans d

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