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Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2022 : Best WhatsApp Wishes, Messages, quotes, status, sms & Captions

Apr 15, 2022

HAPPY HANUMAN JAYANTI 2022: WISHES QUOTES, STATUS, MESSAGES, PHOTOS: Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated every year to pay tribute to Lord Hanuman on his birth anniversary. Usually, celebrated on the full moon during Chaitra month, the day is considered very auspicious by the devotees as they observe fast and perform various religious ceremonies. This year, Hanuman Jayanti, the Purnima Tithi starts at 2:25 am on April 16 and ends at 12:24 am on April 17, 2022

As per the epic Ramayan, Lord Hanuman, Lord Hanuman is the son of King Kesari and Queen Anjana. He is also an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is also called Pawanputra and Anjaneya. Hanuman is revered as an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. It is believed that praying to Hanuman gives you confidence and peace of mind.

On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, here are wishes, greetings and images that you can share with your loved ones: 

Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Images, Wishes, Quotes, Messages and WhatsApp Greetings to Share. (Image: Shutterstock)

1. Let us always carry Lord Hanuman in our hearts. He will carry us across the ocean of sorrow and lift our happiness.

2. I wish joy, Harmony and Prosperity on Hanumaan Jayanti for you and your family! Wishes on Hanuman Jayanti Hanuman Hai Naam Mahaan, Hanuman Kare Beda Paar, Jo Leta Hai Naam Bajrang Bali Ka, Sab Din Hote Uske Ek Samaan, Happy Hanuman Jayanti!ADVERTISEMENT

3. Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength and unparalleled devotion and selfless service. He is the greatest devotee of Lord Ram. Happy Hanuman Jayanti.

4. Lord Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. May he shower his divine blessings on you and your family on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

5. Wish you be accompanied with auspiciousness and blessings on Hanuman Jayanti.

6. Wishing you a very blessed and Happy Hanuman Jayanti. I wish that you follow the teachings and footsteps of Bajrang Bali for a happier and contented life.

7. May your actions be pure and selfless. May you be the symbol of strength for your family always. Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2021!

8. Let us pray to Pawan Putra Hanuman on this auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti and seek his blessings to become successful in our lives. Wishing you a happy Hanuman Jayanti. Jai Hanuman!

9. On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, I wish that Hanuman ji is always there to protect you from negativities and threats in life. Warm greetings on Hanuman Jayanti to you.Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Wishes Images, Quotes, Photos, Pics, Facebook SMS and Messages to share with your loved ones. (Image: Shutterstock)

10. May the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti bring along in your life much more happiness and positivity and keep you blessed. Warm wishes on Hanuman Jayanti to you.

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