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First time ever Hinduism to be taught in India as a Subject in Banaras Hindu university

Aug 19, 2021

VARANASI ; For the first time in Independent India Hinduism will be taught as an Subject in an University. Yes you are reading right for the first time in India Hinduism will be taught in BHU ( Banaras Hindu University) . Students in this subject will learn about Ancient Knowledge, Chemistry, Military skills arts and Science in this subject.

Banaras Hindu University will be starting a course on Hinduism, which will be a two years beautiful course. The course will have limited 40 seats and forms for this subject will be accepted from 7th of September. An entrance exam will also be held on October 3rd to Shortlist the students for the course.

Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu university Vijay Kumar Shukla said ” It will be the first degree course of Hinduism in our Country. Earlier only a Diploma was running in Himachal University. We are teaching other cultures, traditions like Christianity, Islam in Universities but Hinduism was not even in main stream. ”

He said smart classes will be organised for the students in varsity and students from other countries could also be a part of the course.

A large number if applications from other countries indicates their intrest in Hinduism .

The course will be conducted by the philosophy department , that will explain the soul of Hinduism, ambitions and Outline of Hinduism. While ancient history and culture department will elaborate ancient evidence on ancient trading activities, architecture, weapons, tools used by great Indian Emperors. The sanskrit department will discusss partical aspects of Vedas , scriptures and ancient records through mantras.

Students will enrich themselves with knowledge of ancient warfare , Hindu Chemistry, Military Sciences , arts, classical music and architecture, sciences and more on .

Even after 75 years Independence Hinduism was taught in India but other traditions and cultures were taught but now it will be a subject and more than Indian’s foreign students are more interested.

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