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World Population Day 2022 Quotes, whatsapp status ,wishes & messages to share

Jul 10, 2022

World Population Day is marked annually on 11 July across the globe to spread awareness about the consequences of increasing population among general people. The day highlights the urgency of controlling overpopulation and is also marked to make people aware of the reproductive health needs and susceptibilities of women.

World Population Day first came into existence in 1987 when the global population reached 5 billion. The United Nations celebrated the day on 11 July after getting influenced by the celebration of ‘Five Billion Day’. Since then, this particular day is significant as it asks people to find the necessary solution to the current scenario of the growing population.

Every year, the United Nations celebrates the day on a particular theme. As the count has already touched the 8-billion mark, this year, the theme for World Population Day suggests – “A world of 8 billion: Towards a resilient future for all – Harnessing opportunities and ensuring rights and choices for all.” As this situation is indeed a threat to our mother nature and humanity as well, we need to take a step ahead together to control it and make the world a better place to live.

Here are some special quotes for World Population Day

“Our human population continues to expand at such a scary rate – it’s unbelievable.” – Bindi Irwin

“Population growth is not respecting water-management district boundaries.” – Colleen Castille

“By improving health, empowering women, population growth comes down.” – Bill Gates

“The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.” – Thomas Malthus

“When the family is small, whatever little they have they are able to share. There is peace.” – Philip Njuguna

A list of special messages to share on World Population Day: 

We have been gifted with a beautiful world and the onus to protect it and pass it on to the coming generations lies on our shoulders. Let’s take this oath today!

On this World Population Day, let’s remind everyone that the planet can’t support many more people.

The world is not a gift from our ancestors but a loan from our children. Save it and don’t overpopulate.

Live bravely and enjoy the beautiful things the world has to offer. Control the population and celebrate World Population Day.

Our mother earth can’t feed so many people. Let’s remember your responsibilities today!

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