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World Heritage day 2022 WhatsApp quotes, images, wishes & more

Apr 18, 2022

Every year on April 18, the International Day for Monuments and Sites is commemorated across the world to promote culture and heritage. It’s also known as World Heritage Day. This international event is organized by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), which is situated in Paris.

Its aim is to inspire localized communities and people to preserve and remember cultural heritage in their daily lives. World Heritage Day also focuses on creating awareness about cultural and historical heritage and also variety and vulnerability, as well as monument preservation methods.

Here’s a compilation of Happy Heritage Day quotes and messages to help in saving historical landmarks. Send the beautiful Heritage Day wishes to your friends and family on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Check it out:

Messages for World Heritage Day 2022:

‘There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation’– Ali Ibn Abu Talib

‘Sometimes it is impossible to know where you are headed without reflecting on where you came from. Understanding your heritage, your roots, and your ancestry is an important part of carving out your future.’

‘There may have been a time when preservation was about saving an old building here or there, but those days are gone. Preservation is in the business of saving communities and the values they embody.’ – Richard Moe, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Quotes for World Heritage Day 2022:

“Our heritage talks about the roots of our nation.”

“Be proud of Indian heritage, as it has a lot to offer.”

“Save your heritage from damage, as it is the most precious asset.”

“Monuments are the hooking irons that bind one generation to the next.”

“Conserve your cultural diversity, preserve it for future identities.”

“Our youth is an important aspect of spreading cultural diversities across global borders.”

Wishes for World Heritage Day 2022:

Memory is the fortunate place of the psyche wherein the monuments thereof are kept and saved. Happy World Heritage Day 2020.

Monuments are the hooking irons that dilemma one age to another. They pass on the culture, traditions, and memories. Preserve them. Happy World Heritage Day 2020.

Take the stones that the individuals toss at you, and use them to construct a landmark. These landmarks keep people alive forever. Happy World Heritage Day 2020.

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