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When is Naga Panchami 2022 ? Date,history & significance

Aug 2, 2022
naga panchami

Since the beginning of Hinduism, worshipping natural forces has been a part of the religion. Nag Panchami is no exception, as snakes are worshipped during this Hindu festival. Nag Panchami, which is observed throughout India on the fifth day of the lunar fortnight of the month of Sravana, usually occurs in July or August.


India will celebrate Nag Panchami this year on August 2, 2022.


According to Hindu mythology, when the Hindu deity Krishna was still a young child, he was playing by the Yamuna river when his ball became entangled in a tree’s branches. Krishna was attacked by the snake Kaliya when he slipped into the river while attempting to fetch the ball.

He fought valiantly, and the snake begged him not to kill it after realising Krishna was no ordinary youngster. Nag Panchmi is observed to commemorate Krishna’s success in sparing humanity from the threat of Kaliya, the most venomous snake, by accepting a promise from it that it will no longer harass them.


The holiday is observed in Maharashtra by carrying a hibernating cobra on a plate and going door to door to solicit charity and clothing. While visiting snake temples in Kerala, devotees worship a stone or metal snake statue, hoping to protect themselves and their families from snakebites all year long. Aside from cow’s milk, fried paddy, rice, and durva (the tip of a particular grass), snake idols made of mud and sand are also produced and adored.

People worship snakes in an effort to appease Shiva, a Hindu deity who is thought to love and favour them. Shiva is regarded as one of the most irritable deities and is said to ruin a person’s life if he becomes enraged; as a result, some devotees worship live cobras on Nag Panchami Day and give them milk and other things.

On this day, worshippers refrain from earth-digging because some people hold the opinion that snakes remember the faces of those who hurt them and take revenge by hurting the entire family. Young ladies pray, give milk to cobras, and ask God for a nice husband.

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