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When is International Cat Day 2022 ? Know Date, History & more

Aug 7, 2022
cat day

International Cat Day is celebrated on August 8

International Cat Day is celebrated on August 8. The day was started by International Fund for Animal Welfare to honour cats.

These furry creatures have mesmerised humanity for years. International Cat Day celebrates humanity’s oldest friends-cats.


International Fund for Animal Welfare or IFAW established International Cat Day. This celebration was done to protect cats from abuse. The custodianship of the International Cat Day was sent to International Cat Care in 2020. The organisation has been a British non-profit group that has been working to improve the welfare of domestic cats worldwide since 1958.


The theme for International Cat Day 2022 is ‘Cat friendly resources’.

How to Celebrate

One can celebrate International Cat Day by adoting adopting cat from a local shelter. There have been many kittens who don’t get food for many days. To protect them, you can think of adopting them. You can also get your cat a new toy but never forget to give them time.

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