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Veer Savarkar – A Hero destroyed by our historians

May 28, 2021

On his 138th Jayanti we bring you the true face of our historians. The first teenager who started a revolution of Burning British Clothes, was made a coward. The morons still believe that he was a coward, but they never knew his goal behind the letter. The letter which Veer Savarkar wrote to British officers while he was in jail was a political play to fool Britishers. But the historians who were playing the role to defame nationalism were leaned towards Britishers. Today on his 138th Jayanti remembering the Nationalist and Freedom Fighter Veer Savarkar, we bring you this article.

This became important for us to write cause historians had defamed him but we can’t carry on the same. The founder of India’s first secret organization Abhinav Bharat was forgotten by the historians. The first Indian Freedom fighter who took Freedom struggle to a international level, the first to write a book and call 1857 mutiny as the First War of Indian Independence.

Veer Savarkar A man who raised a voice for India, the one who whose book inspired freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh. The one who fought for Akhand Bharat was made a proponent of Two Nation theory. The man who said instead of performing my last rituals donate those money to organization who work for the nation. Can he be forgotten and He was termed a coward by Morons. So it’s time for us to refresh our history books and our minds.

Some facts which will force your mind to think twice about Veer Savarkar

  • 1st indian politician to set a bonefire of British clothes (his age 17). Founder of India’s 1st secret organization abhinav bharat( his age 17) .
  • Veer Savarkar 1st Indian politician to politicise Indian freedom struggle to international level.
  • 1st indian historian to write a book of 1857 mutiny 1st to call it war of independence. This book was inspiration to many like Bhagat singh.
  • Only indian politician in ENTIRE BRITISH EMPIRE to be sentenced 2 life sentences that too in kala pani.
Image source Jagran Josh
  • 10 yrs of andaman 4 yrs in ratnagiri 13 yrs in nazar kaid spent 27 yrs in jail.
  • Veer Savarkar the 1st indian social reformer to take intercaste dinnings marriages 1st to open a temple for all caste in ratnagiri .

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( Image credits Jagran Josh and The Asian Age)

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