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The first freedom fighter – Maharana Pratap

May 9, 2021

His name was enough for the enemies to leave the battle field. He was also called the King of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. Rana of Mewar a king like no other. The greatest King of Mewar was born on 9th of May 1540. The name Mughals feared,and was Akbar’s night mare. Maharana Pratap of Mewad (Today’s Mewar) was born as the eldest son of Uday Singh II, founder of Udaipur, and Maharani Jaiwanta Bai. Renowned as a fearsome warrior and an excellent combat strategist. Pratap protected the Mewar region against repeated onslaughts from the Mughals.

It hurts when people like Maharana and Shivaji Maharaj are given less importance in this country . But the invaders are called the greatest and the Greatest are not even given importance.

Every year on 9th of May Maharana Pratap Jayanti is celebrated to remember the first freedom fighter. A king known as the Mountain Man. 7 feet 5 inches tall a man who fought his first battle as a kid. Many of you have heard this before too. But on his Jayanti we bring you most interesting facts to inspire you. The King who fought for his kingdom. Rana who proved that all the myths that Upper Caste and lower caste was false.

When Maharana Pratap had rescued himself after the betrayal from his own dynasty. He went on to build a new army with the help of Tribal King Raja Punjab Bheel. Along with Bheels Maharana Pratap stayed for a while and built his new army. The Bheels supported Maharana till their last breath. This incident from Rana’s life proves that there was nothing called as upper caste and lower caste in his mind.

Great horse of Maharana Pratap – CHETAK

If you are native to Rajasthan and Gujrat it’s told that ” If one owns a horse it must a CHETAK.” CHETAK was the horse of Maharana Pratap which rescued the Kings life. When Maharana was injured in the battle of Haldighati. He planned to live the battle and went through a narrow cannal. His horse Chetak ran for 5 kilometers and jumped a canal of 22 feet long. Chetak ran five kilometers with an injured leg. But it never gave upon the king. After Maharana had crossed the canal with the Chetak magical jump. Chetak took his last breath. Well may be cause he was assured that the enemies couldn’t cross the canal.

Chetak jumped 22 feet canal with a weight of nearly more than 300 kg. Maharana being tall and strong was 7.5 feet length and carried a spear weighing 80 kg. And two swords weighing 208 kg and his armour which was 70 kg. Maharana Pratap never gave up in his life and so didn’t his horse.

Power of Maharana

In the battle of Haldighati when Maharana was on his peak to optimize his strength. He sliced a mughal fighter Behlol Khan into two piece. Maharana sliced not only Behlol Khan but he sliced his horse into two pieces as we slice a apple in half. He sliced both Behlol Khan along with his horse in the battle from which a fear in Mughals was created.

Why we called Maharana Pratap the first freedom fighter?

In locals he was not only a King but Maharana was freedom fighter. He fought till he got back his kingdom. When Modern, Cool guys look for inspiration Maharana could be the one.

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