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Tears in everyone’s eyes as they pay last tributes to the great soul Puneeth Raj Kumar (#Appu)

Oct 30, 2021

Actor Puneet Raj Kumar is unable to accept the fact that there is no other. Always smiling and smiling at everyone with good words, Puneeth has now stopped talking. Celebrities, friends, family and fans have been shedding tears to find him sleeping peacefully. Appu is scheduled for the final show at Kantirava Stadium. Friday night (Nov. 29) was crowded throughout the night. All of them were plunged into mourning and the tears never stopped.

No one would have imagined that we would see Puneeth in this state. Puneet Rajkumar, who sang and sang for a while till Thursday (28th) night, said that the collapse of the track would be difficult for fans to digest. Everyone is coming near the stadium to see their face. Not only Kannada movie stars but also multilingual celebrities are paying their last respects.

Appu was a godfather for many in the film industry. He had helped many newcomers. Newcomers were making movies through their home banner. Today they all feel orphaned. Actor ‘Darling’ Krishna weeps in front of Puneeth Parthiv’s body. Along with Appu, they were close friends for many years.

Multilingual actor Sharath Kumar also received the final appearance of Puneet. She wept as a young child, unable to hold back tears. Sadly, many fans are also flying barricades. Even women are flirting with the crowd.

Puneet’s daughter has to come from abroad. Fans will be allowed a final walk-in on Saturday (Oct. 30). People are coming to Bangalore from faraway places. Police are struggling to control the situation. Puneet’s family has appealed to fans to maintain law and order. The whole movie is in tears in the pain of losing a heart.

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