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Schools to be closed tomorrow, and MBA exams of Bengaluru Vishvavidhyalaya cancelled

Oct 29, 2021

The death of Sandalwood Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar (Pune) has been announced for private schools across the state tomorrow.

Rupsa (Rupsa), a private school union, announced today (29) that Rupsa union president Lokesh Thalikatte has announced that tomorrow (Saturday) holiday for private schools will be announced due to the mourning of Puneet Rajkumar. No decision on government school leave yet. 

Postponing the MBA exams
are tomorrow (Oct 30) has been postponed examinations scheduled MBA from Bangalore City visvavidyalada. Bangalore City University has issued a circular on Examination Improvement.

MBA final year exams have been postponed to Tuesday, said Bangalore City VV Chancellor Lingaraju. 

The VV has clarified that it has not received any further information from the government regarding the issue of leave for colleges and is awaiting order.

Liquor Sale Ban has been banned in Bengaluru till midnight on 31st October with immediate effect. The Bangalore city police commissioner Kamal Pant has issued an order, which will come into effect immediately.

Full security
across the city Around 6,000 policemen across the city have deployed the KSRP KSRP platoon and prohibited liquor sales until midnight on Sunday. So much so that Jandra Bandru is in no hurry. Commissioner Kamal Pant has warned that strict action will be taken in this case.

The government has appealed for no one to visit Puneeth’s residence, and fans should not get excited. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has appealed for calm.

His family has not given any information about Puneet’s funeral. The government has also discussed this and where should the funeral be done? The CM-led meeting was held on the final parade on major roads in the city.

screening has been halted following the death of Puneeth Raj Kumar. Rajaram, Vice-President of the Karnataka Film Festival of Greater Karnataka, made a statement in this regard. The movie show which has already started is going on. Shows after 2.30 and 4.30 are canceled. The film must first come out of this shock. Next let’s see when the picture should be displayed. Along with Puneet I was descending the Chamundi hill. He was concerned about health. They are sad that this is not happening to them.

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