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School, Colleges holiday in Udupi, Shimoga as Hijab verdict to be announced tomorrow

Mar 14, 2022

Udupi and Shimoga District Collectorate has ordered all school colleges in the district to declare a day of vacation.

The Hijab verdict will be revealed tomorrow in the High Court. As a precautionary measure, vacation for school districts in the district has been declared as a backdrop. Udupi District Collector Kurma Rao issued the order this evening.

In Background of Hijab row Shimoga District School Colleges in Shimoga District have announced a holiday tomorrow. In addition, Section 144 has been issued across Shimoga district.

During this period, 5 or more people are prohibited from gathering in public places over uniform issues. No celebration or protest can be held as a matter of court decision. District Collector Dr R. Selvamani has ordered that students and faculty of other colleges, except those of the college students, be restricted to gathering within 200 meters of the school premises.

The people are bound by the High Court’s decision and must cooperate in maintaining peace and order without taking legal action. The public is entitled to appeal against any judgment. He warned that proper legal action would be initiated against violators.

The High Court will issue a verdict on the Hijab controversy, which has caused worldwide debate in Karnataka. All school and college in Dakshina Kannada district has been declared tomorrow vacation to prevent any unpleasant incidents…

Dakshina Kannada District Collector Dr Krishnan Nair said that 144 motions have been issued across the district. Rajendra KV informed.

Tests already scheduled will go ahead as usual. Internal inspections are ordered to be postponed.

High Court Chief Justice Rituraj Awasthi, and The bench headed by Krishna S Dixit and Jaibunisa , M Khazi will announce the results tomorrow

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