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Save Soil India: Indian Navy gives a grand Welcome to Sadhguru on Jamnagar port along with Royal family & volunteers

May 29, 2022

Millions of people welcomed Sadhuru on social networking sites, including Twitter, ahead of his visit to India.

To raise awareness about soil resource conservation, Sadhguru successfully set foot on Indian soil today (May 29), riding a bike in 26 countries in 67 days in the bone-chilling cold and scorching sun of the Arabian deserts.

At the port of Jamnagar in Gujarat, the band of the Indian Navy gave a grand welcome to Sadhguru with drum beats. Organized on behalf of the Jamnagar royal family, the function was attended by a large number of distinguished guests, including commanders of the three forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as political and religious leaders. 

Also, thousands of volunteers from the Soil Conservation Movement stood along the way and gave an enthusiastic welcome to Sadhguru.Accepting their warm welcome, Sadhguru said, “Not only today, but for at least the next 30 days you should continue to talk about soil conservation. You have to give a voice to this until the governments of every country in the world make laws to restore soil fertility. The mobile phone in your hands is a powerful tool. Use it to keep talking about soil fertility on social websites. For this, spend at least 15 to 20 minutes daily. ” representative of the Jamnagar royal family. 

Ektaba Sobha said, “We are proud to be a part of this historic event. Sadhguru has been raising global awareness about soil conservation. He has been pressuring governments to make policy changes. This is the most important thing. “

Sadhguru, who is traveling 30,000 km on a motorcycle in 100 days, started his journey from London on March 21, urging the nations of the world to enact laws to restore soil fertility. In all the countries he visited, people across all races, religions, races, languages ​​and cultures were very supportive.

Sadhguru was welcomed with grandeur to Christian-majority Europe, Muslim-majority Central Asia and Arabia, and Jewish-majority Israel. Leaders of all nations and communities across religions, races, nationalities and languages ​​gave their full support to the ‘Let’s Save the Soil’ movement. 

This movement of Sadhguru connects multi-lingual and multi-ethnic people to a single point called ‘soil’. As part of his concluding visit, he is scheduled to visit Tamil Nadu on June 21 via various states of India.

Millions of people welcomed Sadhguru on social networking sites, including Twitter, ahead of his visit to India. Thus, the hashtag #BharatWelcomesSadhguru became a global trend. It topped the trending list in India for over 5 hours.

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