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Save Soil India : Here’s How we can Write letter to PM Modi with just one click

May 27, 2022

Sending a letter to save soil is easy. No matter what country you live in just click this link and follow the easy steps. I just sent four letters in under five minutes and you can too. And there we will get an copy message text from where we can easily copy the content mentioned below

Here ‘s How we can Write the Letter to PM Modi or Environment Minister Of India!

The Honorable Environment Minister Shri Bhupender Yadav,

A major UN report found that 52% of agricultural soils are degraded. Scientists have warned that we only have 40-50 years worth of agricultural soils remaining. Which means that in 30-35 years, we will reach a “point of no return” for soil. We need an urgent call to action to ensure soil, the lifeline on this planet, continues to benefit present & future generations.

The Save Soil movement, launched by global leader Sadhguru, was presented at the 15th session of the Conference of Parties (COP15) to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). Sadhguru addressed 197 Parties at Cote d’Ivoire with one overarching objective – ensuring a minimum of 3-6% organic content in agricultural soil through a three-pronged strategy below:

An appropriately phased program of providing inspiration, and incentives to farmers.

Simplifying the process by which farmers can take advantage of carbon credits.

Develop a special label for foods grown from soil with the target levels of organic content and promote the health benefits of these foods.

Sadhguru has spent the last 24 years leading a global people’s movement to save the world’s soil. His Conscious Planet: Save Soil movement aims to turn the world’s attention to soil; encourage around 3.5 billion people, or 60% of the global electorate, to push for soil-healthy policies; and ensure that soil has an organic content of three to six percent.

With the development of appropriate Government policies, we can turn the clock back on the impending extinction of soil. To facilitate this, the Save Soil movement is creating a handbook of recommendations for every one of the 193 countries. See http://Savesoil.org/Handbook

I request you to enact policies to increase the organic content of our country’s soil to minimum 3-6%. This is an opportunity to save our soil from the brink of extinction.

Thank you for your support.

[Your Name]
A Voice to Save Soil from India

We can copy the same text as here Or from Conscious Planet website or If you have Sadhguru App then from there too… Here’s the link to the

Conscious Planet

This is Not an Agitation – Do Not Get Agitated. This is Not a Protest- Do Not dislocate others’ lives. This is an Expression of Love and Responsibility for the Life that we are and the Life that should be beyond us. #SaveSoil. Let Us Make It Happen! – SADHGURU

Lend your voice of support now. Through the simple act of educating ourselves and spreading the word, we are empowered to show our concern for soil and support our leaders in one voice! A big Yes from each one of us creates the necessary impact which cannot be ignored.

Save Soil Let’s Make it Happen

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