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Remembering KK The Legendary Singer & performer! A Small Tribute from us

Jun 1, 2022

Singer KK died on Tuesday night, hours after performing at a concert in Kolkata. In his last Instagram post, the singer shared glimpses from the performance.

Singer KK died on Tuesday night in Kolkata. He was 53. Hours before he was rushed to the hospital after collapsing, KK had performed at a concert in the city’s Nazrul Mancha auditorium.

KK’s last Instagram post showed glimpses from the Kolkata concert. The singer reportedly complained of uneasiness upon reaching his hotel room after the performance and was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared brought dead. (Image credit: kk_live_now/Instagram)

Just a day earlier, KK had shared a photo with his team as they prepared to travel to Kolkata for the concert. (Image credit: kk_live_now/Instagram)

KK (real name Krishnakumar Kunnath) found stardom with his critically-acclaimed debut album Pal, which was released in 1999. He went on to have a successful career in Bollywood, recording a slew of chartbusters in a career spanning two decades.

Along with playback singing, KK found his niche in live performances, concerts and gigs. He was a consummate performer and a crowd pleaser, with each of his gigs attracting hundreds of fans. (Image credit: kk_live_now/Instagram)

KK, pictured here at IIT Bombay. On his official website, the singer wrote about the joy of performing in front of an audience. “There is a certain energy an artiste gets when he or she is on stage. No matter what one’s condition is, once I am on stage, I forget everything and simply perform,” he wrote. (Image credit: kk_live_now/Instagram)

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