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Ranchi; Women gives birth to two headed baby, runs away from hospital

Nov 26, 2021

A newborn baby has been abandoned by his parents in RIMS in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. The reason for leaving the baby behind is that the newborn baby has two heads.

According to the information received, the baby was born with Occipital Meningo encephalocele. The back of the head looks like a pouch and looks like two heads.

After the birth of the two-headed baby, his cruel parents left the baby in the hospital and fled. When the boy’s parents were contacted after the escape, their address at the hospital was found to be fake.

Maybe they already had an idea that their child would not be normal or they had already decided that they would have to run away after giving birth to the child. After the birth, the baby was admitted to the ICU and the family left quietly.

But now RIMS doctors have taken responsibility for saving the baby.

RIMS management informed CWC that the child was alone. After receiving information from CWC, the people of Karuna organization have come forward to help the boy.

According to people at the institute, the baby was sent to the neurosurgery department from Neonatal.

The doctor perfromed operation on the baby. After treatment, the baby will be taken to Karuna Ashram. The institute is run by several senior doctors from Ranchi.

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