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Ram Navami 2022 : Here are 5 sweet recipes to make this Ram Navami

Apr 8, 2022

Ram Navami Recipes: From kheer to halwa, a host of sweet recipes can be prepared and served for the whole family to enjoy.

Be it any Indian festival, it has to be celebrated with something sweet. Right after Navratri fasting and Ashtami puja, comes Ram Navami, which marks the birth day of Lord Rama. The day always falls on the ninth and last day of the Navratri festival, when devotees who fast for all nine days of Navratri break their fast with a lavish meal. There are many people who fast on Ram Navami too and consume sattvik food after evening prayers. And the happy occasion calls for some celebratory sweets. From kheer to halwa, a host of sweet recipes can be prepared and served for the whole family to enjoy.  

If you too are planning to plate up some sumptuous Indian desserts for the day, we can help you with some options you can make your pick from. 

5 Indian Desserts You Can Make On Ram Navami: 

1.Sooji Halwa 

We are starting the list with the most popular dessert that is made in almost every north Indian house observing this day. The classic combo of puri-halwa is a must, and the traditional custom calls for sooji ka halwa to compete this meal. Here is the recipe for the perfect sooji ka halwa you must try. 

2. Singhara Atta Ka Halwa 

For those fasting on Ram Navami, this recipe gives them the perfect opportunity to sweeten their mouths with some delicious, gooey halwa made with singhara (water chestnut) flour. The addition of almonds gives it the much-needed crunch and cardamom amps up its flavour quotient. Click here for the recipe. 

3. Coconut Laddoo 

Festival or no festival, laddoo always finds its way into our heart and stomach. This vrat-friendly laddoo made with coconut is no exception. To make things better,  dry fruits and khoya are added to make it a truly delectable treat. Click here for the recipe. 

4. Sabudana Kheer 

Even if you are not fasting, you just cannot resist the tender sago pearls dunked in a pool of creamy and thickened milk. Sabudana kheer is the perfect sweet treat to break your fast with. Click here for the recipe. 

5. Sweet Potato Rabdi

Don’t get confused by the name – this rabdi is as sweet as it gets. Sweet potatoes replace rice in this vrat-friendly rabdi and you get all the elements of the classic rabdi via milk, sugar, nuts, saffron and cardamom. Click here for the recipe.  

These recipes will give the perfect end to the festival of Navratri and will make Ram Navami a super indulgent fare. Do try them out

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