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“Rahul Gandhi says Aata 22 rupey litre” : Social media floods with tons of memes on Aata 22 Rupey Litre

Sep 4, 2022

Rahul Gandhi likely has never went to buy groceries and is not aware that ‘aata’ is not sold in litres.

Rahul Gandhi delights everyone on a mundane Sunday with his new gaffe

In the ‘Halla Bol’ rally against price rise, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, ended up making yet another gaffe on price of flour.

Gandhi, who has probably never really gone grocery shopping himself in his entire life of over 50 years, said that flour, which was earlier ‘Rs 22 per litre, is now for Rs 40 per litre’. Flour, being a solid substance, is measured in grams and kilograms and not in litres, which is usually a unit for measurement for liquids. Rahul Gandhi, who was reading from a script likely said it as written in the script, which could mean that the person who wrote the script also wrote it as ‘litre’ instead of ‘kilo’.

Netizens poked fun at how the Congress workers and leaders would be lining up with bottles to get flour now that it is available in litres as per Rahul Gandhi.

Netizens also pointed out how along with other Gems of Rahul Gandhi, the ‘Rs 22/litre aata’ will be one of the most legendary quotes by him that will go down the history.

Meanwhile, even Congress workers and supporters seem upset that this new gaffe will give the BJP supporters a chance to mock Rahul Gandhi.

Abee yaaaar aata wala bjp fir mazaak udayegi😭😭😭😭😭— RG for India (@incian123) September 4, 2022

As if one really needs a reason.

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