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Puneeth RajKumar last call record goes viral, had talked to the distributor just minutes before his death

Oct 30, 2021

Puneet Rajkumar is no more is unacceptable . The love they have for the Kannada country and the Kannada people cannot be forgotten. Puneeth has suddenly left behind millions of fans. His final showdown, the fans of the Pokkok, has arrived. In the meantime, the audio clip he talked to over the phone before he died has went viral. There are lots of ideas in this audio clip.

Shivraj Kumar starrer ‘Bajrangi 2’ was released on the day Puneeth passed away. For this reason, she requested to go to the film’s pre-release event. Appu had called the film distributor Manjunath just hours before he died. He had questioned Manjunath about what the film was like. Their conversation is as follows.

Manjunath: Boss, Good Morning.

Puneet: Good morning, what’s the movie going?

Manjunath: The first half was slow. The CG and the visuals have been lavish. The cinema is great.

Puneet: What did Shankar Nag put in there?

Manjunath: We have done the movie ‘Bajrangi 2’. There is a three-show.

Puneet: Good, I will send a teaser after the November 1st issue. Play it in the theater.

Manjunath: the one that you had shown yesterday. Definitely will play it mate. Send it

Puneet: Thank You.

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